Digital Literacy Final Assessment

  1. My thoughts on remote learning have been very positive, my grades have gone up and my stress level is pretty much non-exisistant, I have lots of time to get my work done while at the same time I am able to take the time for myself and also enjoy more time with family and a few friends while social distancing of course.
  2. technology has benefited me and I think everyone else in this remote learning experience because without it I personally think there wouldn’t be a remote learning opportunity to begin with.
  3. Technology has impeded me because in the classroom I have a teacher supervising me throughout the class so its hard to become un focused or get off task without being told to go back to my work and at home I don’t have that so I really have to concentrate, also technology has its flaws as does everything so sometimes the wifi has its malfunctions and soemtimes on online classes it cuts off
  4. One core competency that has helped me during this time is critical thinking as I am a very critical thinker and when I was in school it was very hard to get on top of my school work and hand in the very best quality of work but now I can because I have plenty of Time to get my work done and produce my very best work.
  5. One core competency I have developed over this time is personal awareness and responsibility as I do not have a teacher constantly telling me to get my homework in so I have to remember myself and be independent and get my work done even if I don’t feel like it.


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