Derek L

My interests and hobbies…

  • I participate in Triathlons annually
  • I challenge myself to try new things
  • I travel to new places and explore different cultures
  • I play Alto Saxophone in junior band
  • I listen to music to help relax
  • I enjoy different cuisines and learning to make them

My favourite websites to visit are:

Gmail, Youtube, Discord, Google Hangouts

Singapore, Gardens By The Bay

Starting from an early age, I have visited many unique destinations around the world with my family. Travel is a major influence in my life as it challenges me to push boundaries and forces me to question my preconceptions. For example, prior to visiting Venice, Italy, I pictured the city as a crowded tourist trap. However, the Venice I experienced was picturesque with beautiful historic palaces and meaningful museum exhibits. Other places around the globe that changed my perspective include Tokyo, Munich, Singapore, Melbourne and Florence. I hope to make travel a life long journey.


An outdoor athletic passion of mine is Triathlon. I participated in my first Triathlon at age ten. Before the start of my first race I was worried whether I would be able to survive the distance and was intimidated by my fellow competitors. Yet the thrill of crossing the finish line and pushing my limits became addictive. I’ve been participating in Triathlons ever since.

Mikey Chen is a Youtuber who travels to new places to try foods from different cultures. He’s adventurous and open minded and we share a similar taste in food. I chose this particular video because I personally visited the same restaurant and tasted the exact same sandwich for myself.