Ray Bradbury Eminent Person

Digital Literacy Semester 1 Reflection

My Eminent Person assignment is my biggest achievement this semester. Our task was to choose someone who we thought was eminent. I chose Ray Bradbury to be my eminent person. I read Fahrenheit 451 and The Veldt beforehand, and I thought they were amazing, so I strived to learn more about him. The assignment consisted of many parts, including an introductory blog post, a speech and a learning centre.

One important skill that I often utilised is public speaking. In the past, I’ve done many speeches in front of my peers and teachers. During the speech, I felt well prepared and almost excited to share my work with everyone. On the night of the notables, I also needed to use this skill in order to share my work with parents throughly and with confidence. Another skill that I found important was descriptive writing. I needed to “hook” my audience in using writing that is engaging and suspenseful.

I remember one challenge I had was to make an interactive component in my learning centre. I wanted to make something fun, gets people’s attention and can teach people about Ray Bradbury. I thought of an idea, and pursued it deeper. I made bright colour cards, with a word or phrase that represented a story on the back. One example would be “Campbell’s Tomato Soup”, which has an entire story about Ray Bradbury revolving around it. Telling a story to my audience improved my communication skills.