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Photography In-Depth

The much-anticipated wait is over and in-depth is finally here. This year, I am going to be taking advantage of British Columbia’s endless landscapes, and intriguing wildlife through my passion, photography. Throughout this in-depth, I will be intensively studying photography and many of its techniques, ranging anywhere from Landscape composition to macro lighting. Through the upcoming hours of learning and practicing, my end goal is to be set on a path of photographic excellence. 

 So why photography? I have decided to pursue photography as it is a huge passion of mine. I simply love photography and I get such joy when I take photographs that I would consider good, and when I successfully photograph something new to myself. Photography is also a source of creative and artistic expression for me. I have always had an interest in photo and video editing, and I have always expressed myself creatively through digital formats. To me, photography is another powerful tool I can utilize for self-expression, so I have always been drawn to it. 

 Coming into this in-depth, I do have some prior photographic experience. I have been taking photos with a DSLR since the Christmas of 2018, utilizing my family’s love for camping to take photos in every place I go to. Despite my slight experience in photography, I am in no way an expert. Some people have asked me why I am doing photography when I am already “good at it” without understanding I have only barely overcome the first part of a learning curve that is endless. I know that there is still much to learn, and much to improve on, so studying photography for an extended time, will drastically help me get better, and that’s all I hope for through this in-depth. Improvement to set me on the path of success in the photographic field. 

For this in-depth study, I have secured a mentorship with a part-time nature and landscape photographer, who has spent a considerable amount of time taking photographs. I am super excited for the mentorship portion of this in-depth as he is incredibly skilled at photography, and I know I will be able to learn a lot from him. Additionally, throughout this in-depth, I will also be taking the photography class at Gleneagle which will be a good place for learning a bit more about photography and practicing different types of photography. With the photography class comes field trips we go on, so I know they will also be an opportunity for more photographic practice. 

Overall, I cannot wait to get started on this in-depth. I love photography and being able to study it in-depth for the next 5 months is a dream come true. I really hope my learning can accelerate, and I can progress rapidly to become a better photographer.

Below are some images relating to my in-depth study. 


One of my first photographs.

An example of bubble photography; a new technique I have been trying to learn.

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