TALONS Digital Literacy


PTI Presentation

ThIndigenous peoples education presentation required us to research, reflect, and share our understanding of how the first nations people were affected by our education system and how we can better suit their needs in ten minutes or less. 

The PTI presentation required us to synthesize everyone’s ideas. This was necessary because everyone had different viewsbiases, and information. We needed to take everyone’s opinions and create one consistent lens to present our project through.  

In every project colour and design play a crucial part in the final presentation but this was indefinitely more important in our PTI presentation. I did not participate a lot when designing our PowerPoint because I have deuteranomaly (deutan colourblindness) 

In order to have extremely credible information, we used only sources from Gale in Context: Canada. All journals or statistics apply to only Canadian first nation peoples. We also trusted this browsing software because the school recommends it for all social study research projects. 

We used only Creative-Commons images for our visuals. We cited all of the images we used in a bibliography at the end of our presentation. Not only did we cite the images, but we also cited our research sources separately from our images. * 

*See slide 10 for sources and slide 11 for images 


Our Eminent project required us to pick a person we thought changed the world for the better. We would then research them and write a five-minute speech about their journey. 

Since the Eminent project requires us to write a speech, word choice is vital. Your words set the tone, create tension, and tell the story of your eminent person. I knew I was talking to my peers so I used words that I would use, but if I were talking to six-year-olds, I would drastically change the language used. 

The eminent project also required us to present our work verbally as well as visually. I decided to make a poster with the pictures I used while I talked about him. I think that if I wrote a lot of words, it would have ruined the aesthetic of my presentation.

When researching for my eminent project I CRAP tested every source. I made sure I was using the most reliable sources I could find. Because my mom went to UBC I had access to the alumni library. Because of this, all of my sources were current, reliable, and had the authority to make the claims. I also made sure to not cite and sources I did not have a purpose for. 

After using the CRAP test on every source, I made sure to give the proper credit to all of the sources I used by making an annotated bibliography.


Opera Critique

For our opera critique, we were told to write a review about the Barber of Seville. The review had to be about 500 words and assumed the reader had already seen the Barber of Seville.

I responded to the work done by my peers because the group of people who planned the event got to choose which opera we were going to and determine if we were going to get backstage passes.



Our Character Analysis Poster required us to write about the wants, fears, conflicts, and traits of Puck from William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. I wrote the paragraph about Puck’s conflicts and helped with the thematic conclusion.

For this project, I used digital spaces to conduct our research, keep our notes, and all did our work in the same document so we could build off of each other’s ideas. This helped us do our portion of the work and keep everyone responsible for their own work.