Remote Learning Reflection

What are your thoughts on remote learning and your experience with it?

I believe that there are pros and cons of remote learning. On the one hand, I connected more with my family, at the cost of limited communication with my friends and schoolmates. Although I believe that remote learning had a mostly negative effect on me, there were a lot of things I liked about the experience. I loved being allowed to attend classes on my bean bag as opposed to the hard plastic chairs at school. I also loved being able to get snacks whenever I want because when I’m at school, I’m always hungry. Overall, remote learning is full of both positive and negative; there are a few things I would like to see employed in conventional school. 

How has technology benefited you during the remote learning experience?

Technology created a new effective medium for teachers to assign work to students from anywhere. I think that remote learning would be impossible without technology because there would be no way for teachers to meet with students. I saw a significant increase in activity on teams as soon as remote learning started. Technology didn’t only benefit students during remote learning; technology is the only reason remote learning happened in the first place.

How has technology impeeded you during your remote learning experience?

Just because the technology was the driving force behind remote learning doesn’t mean that technology is perfect. Remote learning was a test of my willpower because youtube was just one click away whenever I was doing any work.

What is one core competency that you already were proficient with that helped you transition into remote learning?

I think that creative thinking is a valuable tool for students and teachers alike. Teachers put in a lot of hard work and adapt their ideas for the semester into a format that allows students to learn in remote learning. Students have to take everything they have learned about presentations and modify the way they present their work, so it fits the new criteria that the teacher made. I had to change the way I was going to show my in-depth project. I was going to bring the car that I was fixing, so I could show everyone what I did, but because of the pandemic, I forced to find another way to show my learning. I decided to show before and after pictures of my fixes, but I fixed the car already, so I had to put the old headlight in, take a picture and remove the part again.

In-depth presentation

What is one core competency that you have improved or developed during your remote learning experience?

Throughout remote learning, I have become more aware of myself and my well-being. I recognize how important exercise is and how it can boost brainpower.