Sunisa Lee – Eminent Person Introduction

Do Nothing Less and Nothing More, just do what I normally do. -Sunisa Lee

I am doing Sunisa Lee as my eminent person for this year. Sunisa Lee is an American gymnast that just won the AA gold medal at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics. After the Olympics now, she is competing with the Auburn Tigers at Auburn University. She has become an inspiration to a lot of young gymnasts, including me. I also am a gymnast, and she reminds me a lot of myself and my dreams. Since I was 5 years old, I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics and do college gymnastics, exactly what she’s doing. Some qualities I also think we have in common are our determination, our fearlessness, and our bravery. We commit to our dreams and do whatever we need to do to achieve them. We’ve sacrificed our bodies, mental health, and our happiness to make our dreams a reality. Suni has always said that she will always work hard and make an impact on future generations of gymnast. This lines-up with my ultimate goal in TALONS because I want to work hard in TALONS so that I can make some sort of an impact of the future TALONS students. But a barrier that I might face with connecting with Suni is that she has done all of her gymnastics and she lives in the US, while I live in Canada. US gymnasts are known for going through a different process in gymnastics compared to Canadian gymnasts. But a way I am trying to address this barrier is that I am trying to compete in the US more and to do college gymnastics in the US. But even when living in the US, Suni still is fighting for the Hmong community to be seen and recognize more. She’s talk about how hard it was to represent her Hmong community when the rest of her community wasn’t doing their part. Like the Hmong police officer that was involved in George Floyd’s death. Suni found it hard to go out and represent the Hmong community after that but when she won that gold medal in Tokyo, she got to make a positive impact on societies view of the Hmong community. She has made a huge impact on young gymnasts and her Hmong community. She will always be known as the first Asian-American to win AA gold and the first Hmong gymnast to win gold. While she’s made an impact on lots of people, there are a lot of people who are super proud of her, including her father. Her father, John Lee, has gone through his own fight, in July 2019 he suffered an injury when he fell from a ladder trying to help his friend cut a branch off of a tree, which left him paralyzed from the neck down. While Suni didn’t want to compete so she could be with her dad, her dad knew that Suni needed to go the National Championships, where she ended up taking the silver medal, right behind Simone Biles. This is the competition where she had solidified her place as an Olympic contender. Even with her fear that her dad may not be ok, she was able to still continue on and show what she had to offer on that Olympic team in Tokyo. I believe she has gone through so much already and that she has persevered, fought, and ultimately succeeded and she has great eminence that I am excited to be able to share with my peers. There are a lot of other gymnasts that I could also do and are greatly eminent too, but I believe I have a really strong connection with Suni and am really touched by her whole journey so far. To summarize, Sunisa Lee has made a huge impact on young gymnast and her Hmong community and has shown eminence through her gymnastics and her strong mentality that got her to preserver through everything to ultimately be able to win the AA gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. As Sunisa Lee once said “You just have to want it more than everyone else”

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  1. Really great work Josee! Suni Lee’s accomplishments as a gymnast are truly inspiring. The only possible critique I could come up with would be where did you find your references? Although not a big deal, I’m just curious. More importantly, Sinu having to deal with her father’s accident while competing had to have been tough. Yet she made it through. I think there’s definitely an important lesson in that.

  2. Great Job Josee! Your post is really well written and I was able to learn a lot more about Suni Lee through your telling of her story. I really enjoyed the videos you included, I think they really added to the post both in adding more information, and having a different form of media to learn from! I would maybe center your pictures in your post next time so that everything is a bit more neat and symmetrical. Other than that, well done! I’m excited to hear about Suni Lee and am anticipating your next blog post!
    – Kalayla

  3. Amazing work Josee! I enjoyed learning a little bit about Suni Lee and a bit about you too. I enjoyed reading what Suni Lee has been through. It’s cool that you added videos so people can learn more about Suni, that’s an awesome idea. The only thing that I don’t like is that the paragraph is in one big piece. I think It would be better if you would add some picture, quotes, or headers to add breaks. Over all awesome job I enjoy reading about Suni Lee and want to learn more about them.
    – Mark

  4. This was really interesting and Suni’s story is very inspiring! I found it interesting how you had such a personal connection to her. If I were to give some constructive feedback it would be to list your sources at the end of the post.

  5. Awesome job Josee! I enjoyed learning about Suni Lee via your blog post. I liked your formatting how you talked about your connections to her in the beginning and then recapped them at the end to bring it to a close. I can’t think of any critiques on this blog post as it is really well done.

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