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In-Depth Project: Songwriting


My chosen skill:

This year, the skill I have chosen for the in-depth project is songwriting/composing. Songwriting is a very advanced form of art where one must write sheet music for different instruments who will coordinate and play their instruments together to create music. Music is a very powerful form of art that can express the raw emotions of the creator through sound, and can be paired with poetry in the form of lyrics.


Why I have chosen this skill:

The reason I chose this skill is because I have always had a love for music, and I already know two instruments and would like to use them to gain a more advanced skill. The instruments I know how to play are the violin and drums, which means I have a percussion instrument, a significant part of any piece of music; and a musical instrument that can play a melody; another important type of instrument in a piece of music. I also have a very strong love for music, and listen to music very often – such as during car rides and while reading. Because of this, I believe my existing knowledge can blossom into a new skill that will allow my creativity to flourish.


What I will learn:

Specifically, I will learn how to use software that can write, edit, record, and compile sounds to create music. I will also learn the parts of a song, such as the chorus, verses, and pre-chorus; their purposes, their significance, how to recognize them, and how to create them effectively. Also, I will learn about the different aspects of a piece of music, such as time signature, key, and tempo, and how they will change the overall personality of a piece of music. Additionally, I will learn how to add emotion to the song. After I learn all this, I will compose my own song implementing at least two different instruments into the song, and using the knowledge I will gain from the previous months of the project.



Plan: Timetable:
Learn how to use different programs to write, record, and edit music. The first week of meeting my mentor.
Learn the basic aspects of music composition and their purposes and begin practicing how to recognize them while listening to different pieces of music. Second week and the third week.
Learn the more intricate aspects of music composition and their purposes and begin learning how to create them in my own music. Fourth week and the fifth week.
Begin experimenting with different melodies using the programs I have learned to further familiarize myself with the programs and practice using the information I have learned. Sixth week.
Compose the chorus for the violin. Seventh and eighth week
Compose the different verses for the violin. Ninth and tenth week
Compose the drum chorus to accompany the violin. Eleventh and twelfth week
Compose the drum verses. Thirteenth and fourteenth week
Practice playing the violin part. Fifteenth week
Practice playing the drum part. Sixteenth week
Record the violin part. Seventeenth week
Record the drum part. Eighteenth week
Edit and compile the recordings. Nineteenth week
Refine the recordings and add final touches. Twentieth week.

My Mentor:

My mentor is Jennifer Layne, a local musician and songwriter who offers music lessons for voice on the side. I first knew about her because my little brother has received voice lessons from her, and I thought that she would be able to effectively share her knowledge of music creation. I have not met her yet, but have done a bit of online research on the parts of songs to prepare for our first meet-up.





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