In-Depth Post #6

For my presentation on in-depth night, I will be doing a stage presentation. Since my project is on music composition, I will be presenting part of my composed piece using one of the instruments used in the piece.


What elements will you capture?:

My presentation will capture the pinnacle of the work that I have put into the project, which includes everything that I have learned, such as various mixing, recording, and editing skills that I have learned over the course of the project. Other elements captured will be the subtle techniques I learned from my mentor that I have added into the project and the human element of me performing the piece, which I believe will display the creativity that I used while composing the piece.


How will the audience members interact with your post?

The audience members will interact by listening to the piece, hopefully being able to pick up the different choices I made during the composition of the piece. Beyond this, my chosen method of presentation does not offer any other ways to interact with the presentation, because all I will be doing is performing an abridged version of my piece on the stage. Despite this, I still think that this will be an effective way to present my project, because they will be able to witness the culmination of my learning, and the end project will be much more entertaining than witnessing random bits and pieces of the learning process.


Progress Report:

I am close to finishing my final project. For the last few weeks, I have just been editing and adding effects to the different instruments and balancing the volumes so the different sounds do not interfere or overpower one another.

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