Eminent Introduction Reflection

During to process of reading my peer’s blogs, I learnt a lot of things about influential people and their obstacles. I read about people that stood up for what was right, overcame huge barriers, and overall, changed the world. Some of them did things never done before; others went against insurmountable foes. I also learned about my peers a little bit, in their posts, they connected themselves to their chosen person with their beliefs, interests, and future goals. Their posts had quotes, pictures, and comments that I found intriguing and made their paragraphs interesting. I found that having pictures in your introductory post made it more interesting and engaging. Personal connections also made the posts sound more passionate and gave it more depth. In complete honesty, I found posts about people I feel more connected to a bit more interesting than others, though I did enjoy reading all the blog posts, nevertheless. In the comments I received, I got helpful feedback, which I will remember for projects in the near future. Seeing other people’s blogs also gave me a better idea of what visuals are good as well as how much I should write. I noticed that pretty much everyone had different writing styles and tones. In the future if I had an assignment that might need a specific tone, I could try to match those. There may also be peers that have chosen people similar to mine, therefore if I need help with something related to their field of work or such, I could ask for help from them. Overall, I enjoyed reading my peer’s posts and I look forward to learning more about their eminent people.

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