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  1. Hi Mandy, very interesting topic! I find it very fascinating that plants are affected by colour! I liked the theme and design of your slides during the presentation. It made your presentation look very organized and professional. You mentioned that red, blue, and violet are the three colours that affect plants the most. Do you know if different species of plants differ in how much they are affected, which colours out of the three they prefer, etc?

    1. Hi Julianne, thank you for your feedback! Since virtually all plants have chlorophyll, they will most likely all prefer blues and reds. Violets can enhance aroma and flavour more, so it would be more beneficial to some than others. Most plants will react similarly, but it would make sense if there were differences too.
      Hope this answers your question.

  2. Hi Mandy! I loved listening to your TALON Talk! Your slides were creative, pleasing to the eye, and very easy to follow as most of the information was from images and diagrams. I’m just wondering; since green being reflected can enhance a plant’s colour, do you think you could enhance a flower’s colour by putting it in a light the same colour as the petals? Overall, your talk was very informative and fun to watch. Good job!

    1. Hi Ah-Ra! Great to hear you enjoyed it. I think putting a flowering plant under the same coloured light would help enhance the colour, but it wouldn’t help grow more flowers though. Thank you for your kind feedback and question.

  3. Hey Mandy! Loved the topic of choice and the presentation was very appealing to the eye. This was very informative and detailed. Just wondering, do you think this is the reason why a lot of people’s plants die?

    1. Hi Josee! Thank you for watching my talk! I think this could be part of the reason why someone’s plant is dying, but there is a good chance that insufficient care is the main reason. Though, if you do own an indoor plant, the colour of your walls or surrounding area can affect it too. Doing some research beforehand about the plant’s light preference and care will help keep your plant alive too.

  4. Awesome talk Mandy! Your presentation was simple yet elegant, and your information was clearly conveyed. I’m wondering, which light colour is generally the best to grow plants?

    1. Hey Sarah! I don’t think there is one good colour for everything, as different colours can help with different stages. A mix of red and blue light would be best for your plant though, as just having red will help with photosynthesis, but it will stunt the growth of your plant.

  5. Hey Mandy, I really enjoyed your TALONS talk! I really liked how in-depth you went into the colours and how they can affect the plants. One question I do have is, is there a way to determine which plants like which colour more especially for succulents and others?

    1. Hi Emilie, thank you for watching my talk! From my knowledge, most if not all plants will prefer a mix of red and blue, since red helps with photosynthesis and blue helps with growth. I haven’t heard of a specific plant that likes specific colours, but red and blue might be your best choices. If you are willing to do this though, I think a way to determine which colour your plant likes the most will be to try growing it under different colours.

  6. Wow, amazing Talon Talk Mandy! your formating was well organized and was a carry aesthetic background to the PowerPoint. the work you put into the tour presentation is really shining through! you talked in a clear and understandable manner that made me feel like I was sitting through a real TED Talk. what made you so interested in this topic?

    1. Hey Ellie, thanks for the feedback! I’m not quite sure what made me interested in this topic actually. I was interested in growing plants when I was younger but I found it terribly boring. I suppose this topic is giving me a retry at gardening and growing my own plants.

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Your Ted Talk was really well done. It was thoughtful and your topic was interesting. I loved the way your slideshow was designed, and your talk was organized and put together excellently. You explained everything clearly so it was easy to understand, and I though your pacing was also great. I was wondering, since red, blue, and purple light is best for plants, are people currently using these coloured lights to grow plants anywhere? If so, where are they being used?

    1. Hey Saihaj! Thanks for watching my talk. I don’t know of many specific places where plant growers use these colours, since really anyone can grow plants using these colours. You only really use colours on indoor plants, since your outdoor ones should be alright on their own and it might be hard to set up. When you use coloured lights though, keep the lights around 12 inches above the plants.
      Hope this answers your question!

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