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Robert Noyce

Robert Noyce was a very important person in the history of computing. He invented the integrated circuit which lead to great development in the industry. He co-founded countless thriving companies which made great developments. These include Intel, Fairchild Semiconductor, and Semiconductor Industry Association. He was even nicknamed “The Mayor of Silicon Valley” for the way he ran his businesses, treated his workers and inventing the first ever silicon chip. As a child he believed “If you’re going to play, play to win!”

Personal Connections

First of all, I am drawn to Robert Noyce specifically because of his accomplishments in his lifetime. His personal life is quite interesting, and I am able to really connect to him. I also, feel like he has gone under the radar and not many people know about him. So, I would like to teach people about him.

Moving on, as a learner we both have a passion in projects for instance, as a child Robert Noyce along with his brother made a “boy-sized aircraft” “which they used to fly from the roof of the Grinnell College stables”. He also made a Radio from scratch and “motorized his sled by welding a propeller and a motor from an old washing machine to the back of it”. I also really enjoy projects because it lets me think deeper and be more creative.

Moving forward, some qualities that I share with Robert Noyce are creativity. This can be seen in the numerous creations that he built as a child. I also share interest in mathematics and science. I also am very interested in electronics and how they function.

Continuing on, Robert Noyce exemplifies my own goals in TALONS because he had great leadership. His management style was unique, “He shunned fancy corporate cars, reserved parking spaces, private jets, offices, and furnishings in favor of a less-structured, relaxed working environment in which everyone contributed, and no one received lavish benefits.” He stood as a model for future generation of Intel CEOs. One of my goals in TALONS is to become a better leader and improve my leadership skills.

Some barriers I might find connecting with Robert Noyce are he has passed away in 1990 (aged 62). Other wise I believe I can connect to Robert Noyce with interests in electronics, science, and math.


Robert Noyce has contributed greatly to the computing field; he invented the Integrated circuit which fueled the personal computing revolution and gave Silicon Valley its name. He also worked on semiconductors an essential part in computers and made multiple great companies that still to this day make essential parts in electronics.

Robert Noyce will be remembered for centuries for his immense contribution to the computer industry. He invented the first monolithic integrated circuit the first chips to be ever made from silicon. Today almost all of chips are made from silicon. This gave Silicon Valley its famous name.

Noyce was quite impulsive and somewhat reckless in his decisions. He almost got expelled because didn’t think of the consequences for stealing a 25-pound pig from the Grinnell mayor’s farm and roasting it at a school luau. Noyce was lucky to be saved from expulsion by Grant Gale, Noyce’s physics professor. Gale was an important person in Noyce’s early life and was his mentor. Which lead to him inventing the first ever Silicon chip and contributing heavily to the field.

I believe Robert Noyce is worth researching because of his achievements in life and the contributions he brought. He’s also worth remembering because of what he influenced in people for instance the way he ran his business influenced other major companies to follow. He’s also worth learning about because today we greatly rely on electronics for almost everything and I believe people should know more about the history and important people in the industry.

If part of a large field of study I’d choose Robert Noyce over others in the field because of his strengths, and his abilities. He was an extremely smart person, he was talented in mathematics and science. He won countless awards in his field and almost won the Nobel Prize. His greatest contribution was his Monolithic integrated Circuit (Microchip). That is why I’d choose Robert Noyce over others in the field.

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Integrated Circuit

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Robert Noyce

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Silicon Wafer


A goal I have for the next phase in my research would be to spread out the work load and learn more about my eminent person.

Thanks Sincerely for reading.

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  1. Good work Mark! Robert Noyce’s legacy is definitely going to around for a long time. Great research for Robert, I can tell that you’re passionate about his field of work. My only critique would be to try and implement more transition words throughout your writing to allow for sentences to flow together. Other than that, I believe you did a great job, and I can’t wait to learn more about Robert!

  2. Great job Mark! Your post on Robert Noyce was very informative and explained many of your connections with him. I really liked how you divided your post into sections, it made it much easier to read and digest. You also explained different parts and stages in Robert’s life, which I thought made your eminent person all the more real! In the future, I would maybe think about spreading your images throughout your blog post so that we can read and take in the pictures at the same time. Besides that, well done! I can see your passion for science and mathematics and can’t wait to see what you learn about Robert Noyce next!
    – Kalayla

  3. Hi Mark! Your blog post was super interesting I didn’t know who Robert Noyce was beforehand but you did a good job showcasing his contributions and making me realize that I use technology created by Noyce every day. One piece of feedback I would give is to include sources for your quotes and a references list at the end.

  4. Well done Mark! I love how detailed this post is and your pictures add a nice touch at the end. I think that your connection with Robert Noyce is really cool and interesting. The only thing that I would add would be references. Just think it would be cool to read more about him. Otherwise, great job and can’t wait to learn more about Robert Noyce!

  5. Good Job Mark! I like how you described Robert Noyce’s eminence and how he contributed to computers and to society. |I also, think your personal connection with your eminent person is very good. my only critique is that you only included one connection with Robert Noyce. Other than that you made a really good job.

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