In-Depth Introduction

For my In-Depth Project this year, I will be learning how to play the trumpet. In my opinion, the trumpet is a really cool instrument that has a strong and clear sound. It is usually the star of any band or orchestra as it usually has the most solos. Learning the trumpet has been something that has been on my bucket list for quite awhile now. Back in middle school, I really wanted to play the trumpet in our band, but was asked to play the french horn instead. I will admit, I did have a pretty good time playing the french horn, but in the back of my mind, I also wanted to play the trumpet. That wish continued to linger in my head as I progressed to high school. I was hoping to join band for the sole purpose of learning to play the trumpet, but I decided otherwise simply because it took up an elective. There were other courses I really wanted to take, but I did regret it a little. But now that I have the opportunity, I chose to finally learn this instrument. There are a whole lot of songs that I look forward to playing like “Floral Fury” and “Crimson Bow and Arrow” which are both songs that are heavy on the trumpet.

I hope to achieve my goal with the help of a wonderful mentor and be able to play the trumpet with good sound and intonation by the end of the school year. However, I do not currently have a set mentor. I have a couple people in mind, but I have yet to contact anyone. So therefore, the meeting and time of when we are going to meet has not been decided as of now.

Welp, lets just hope that I’m able to find a mentor soon so that I can start learning this wonderful instrument.


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