Final In-Depth Project

Hello there, welcome to my blog!

My name is Myung Joon (or MJ) and I’m currently a grade 9 in the TALONS program.

For the past few months, I have been working on learning a new skill with a help of a mentor, and for this, I have chosen to learn how to play the trumpet.

With the help of my mentor, Daniel Kwong, I have managed to develop this skill in a matter of months, and below you will find a video that I have prepared for today. Go ahead and watch it, and I hope you enjoy it!

(I suggest turning your volume down a ton if you don’t want your ears blown out.)

The bestest video ever

Thank you so much for watching the video, and just sticking through the video. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any comments or questions, and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

50 thoughts on “Final In-Depth Project

  1. I didn’t heed the warning to turn my volume down and my ears died at the start lmao. Also your final song is so good.

  2. Hi Myung Joon! It’s me, Mr. Kwong.
    My 8-year-old son has a question for you. What comes to mind when you think of the word “trumpet?”

    1. When I think of the word trumpet, I think of a strong instrument that is capable of a lot of different types of music from classical to jazz. But more importantly, I just think of a lot of amazing jazz music that I really love.

  3. Hi MJ, Your Mario theme sounds great! Have you tried playing some jazz yet? Do you plan on continuing?

    Diana Law

    1. No, unfortunately I have not yet been able to play much jazz music. Jazz music needs different techniques and skill sets in order to perform well, and I have yet to get to that stage at the moment. However, I do plan on continuing to practice the trumpet in the future. In fact, I have already started to learn some more music to entertain myself at home.

  4. Myung Joon, you did a fantastic job on putting this together! It was fun to watch and to hear your improvement along the way! I’m glad I could help!
    -Mr. Kwong

    1. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done! I really couldn’t have done this without your help!

    1. Thank you kind sir! But to be completely honest, the intro is the only part that deserves that A+, that took way too long.

  5. Thanks for sharing your musical talent with us. I wanted to learn to play the trumpet but my marching band only had horns without any moving pieces. Only five notes by moving the position of your lips. Hearing you, inspires me to learn the trumpet one day!

    1. Maybe you should! I personally had a lot of fun learning the trumpet, so who knows? You might enjoy it as much as I did, or maybe even more!

  6. Great improvement on your trumpet playing. I wish you would have done a video recording of you playing!

    1. Thank you! I wanted to do a video as well, but in order to record my playing with the best sound quality, I had to record in the closet since it was the room with the least echo in my house.

  7. Super job, MJ. You certainly worked hard to learn the trumpet in such a short time. Keep on playing! I look forward to a jazz concert with you playing the trumpet some day soon.

    1. Thank you! I spent a lot of time these past few months working on this project, and seeing from the comments, I think it paid off! I probably won’t be doing any jazz concerts on my own, but if you go follow @the_wingettes on instagram, my friend Gyu min and I may do some trumpet duets in the future.

  8. Wow, MJ you make it sound so easy but I am sure it wasn’t! Great job performing the Mario song. What other instruments do you play?

    1. Thank you! It really was a difficult song to piece together. Apart from the trumpet now, I also play piano, percussion, recorder, and kazoo!

  9. Amazing job – we really enjoyed hearing the progress from the beginning to your final project! – Natalie and Brandon

  10. Howdy MJ!

    I really like the progress video you put together. It showcases your improvement wonderfully. I knew you were a musician already, but this is amazing. Learning an instrument within a short period of time is not easy.

    Do you plan on learning any other instrument in the future? If so, which instrument would you like to try?

    Good job!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments! I currently have a few instruments that I have been putting off like the guitar, but apart from that, I don’t think I’m going to learn any new instruments in the near future. Unless I get another “funny instrument” like an otamatone.

  11. Hi,

    Did you find it find it frustrating to learn at the beginning, and if so, how did you persevere?

    1. Yes, it was quite frustrating at the beginning. Being unable to play notes, let alone produce a good sound was pretty frustrating. It’s really hard to teach someone how to play an instrument since it’s more of a feeling rather than a set of instructions. The only motivation I had was the final product that I had envisioned in the beginning. I just really wanted to be able to play many of my favourite trumpet tunes. But with the help of my mentor, when it finally clicked, it was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. Higher notes were achieved with the similar feeling, and technique was developed with the same principles. Looking back on it now, it was all very worthwhile, although it was frustrating.

  12. Wow MJ! Such a cool project! I loved watching the video! (Thanks for the warning about turning down the volume 🙂 )

  13. Great work MJ! I like how in your video you took us through the learning process. You have improved a ton since the beginning of In-Depth.

  14. Really cool video! I can tell that you’ve spent a lot of time on this passion. I hope you keep on practicing the trumpet! 🙂 🎺

  15. Great work, you improved so much over the course of this project! If you could choose one other instrument to master, what would it be and why? Awesome job!

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