In-Depth post, #2- and so it continues…

Oh! I didn’t see you there. I assume you came for an update on my progress thus far right? Well pull up a seat and I will do exactly that. As you can remember last time, I had begun on this journey and given you some of the basics on what my project will be looking like. I told about why I was doing this topic along with a few other preliminary details.

On another note, I am pleased to say that I got quite a few things done during the time from that last post until now. First of all I’ll share a few pictures of when I was first learning to crochet and some of my biggest milestones.

First is the very first chain I made on the first day I learned to crochet:

We also have the first two stitches I learned, the single and half double stitches. (I make a short little rectangle of each stitch to make sure I’ve got it down and have a little something to show off.)


Finally, I finished off my very first project! Now this scarf doesn’t look the best, but I think it looks good enough and really what can you expect from my first ever project.


So I guess you could say I did a few things in the mean time between posts. I’m also working on a toque currently and it’s so far coming out great so look forward to seeing that when I’m done.

In the part of the book that corresponds to this post there was a lot of talk of agreeing, disagreeing, and differing with our mentors. I don’t know about everyone else’s mentors but I think in my case we can make an exception. I’ve done quite a bit of agreeing with my mentor, in part because she’s teaching me a lot of interesting things that I didn’t previously know about, and partly because she’s my grandmother. Now I’m sure there were a few points where we had minor disagreements such as how big to do a stitch or what hook to use. But on the most part, partly because I’ve known her for so long, I seem to be getting along as one would think with my mentor. She has a very calm and understanding demeanor, so any differences that come up are easily taken care of and we continue with the topic that we were talking about. Since she is the teacher and I’m mostly there to learn, I tend to mainly follow instructions and remain polite rather than bring up points just to say something. Not to say that I don’t voice my opinion. If there is something that I would do differently or change slightly, I voice that fact to my mentor and gather her input before either implementing the change or not as the situation may be. Of the few differences in opinion we have, the biggest of them would probably be what I’m making. As a fan of taking her time and making more specific items, I’m not sure how she feels about my slightly rushed scarves and hats that I’m making for my leadership event (see last post). I will, however, be making more detailed items once the event is over so I’m sure what minimal discomfort she has with me will go away in due time.

I hope you found something interesting reading this post and as always wait and come back to see my next post. Or maybe you’re form the future and all my posts are up already. In that case, by all means keep going. If not, I’ll be back in a few weeks for another update. On that note, have a good rest of your day, no scratch that, have a good rest of your week.

All the best,


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