In-depth Night 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to In-depth Night!

This year for in-depth, I chose to learn how to play the accordion. This involved first learning how to read sheet music, more specifically accordion sheet music that involves both treble clef (𝄞) and bass clef (𝄢) notes. Next, I learned how to play the bass buttons and keyboard while pushing and pulling the bellows (see image below for reference of the different parts of the accordion). The rest of the project was mainly focused on practicing and learning a variety of different songs.

It's Accordion Awareness Month! - The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century

Feel free to watch the video below to listen to a few of the songs that I learned, and please leave any questions you have down below.

(The audio and video don’t match up for part of it due to it uploading weird, but just pretend that it does)

30 thoughts on “In-depth Night 2021

  1. Your video shares it all. Great progress over just five months, especially since you had to learn how to read music, too. Will you continue with this instrument? Why or why not?

    1. Hi Ms. Mulder. Thanks for watching my video! I do hope to continue to play the accordion in my spare time as I found that I really enjoy it and it’s taught me a lot.

    1. Thank Mel! Ya, playing both parts of the accordion at the same time was really challenging to learn.

    1. Thanks for watching my video! I’m currently taking guitar class in school so I’ve been learning that and I also hope to continue with the accordion in the future.

  2. Not going to lie, I think you’re better at music than me and I’ve been in band for 5 years. Nice job, I’m really impressed!

  3. wow!!! this is so original, I love it 🙂 do you think you’re going to continue learning more songs? perhaps by olivia rodrigo??

  4. Honestly, didn’t know what to expect. You should bring it to class or on TALONS trips. Did you have any musical experience before this?

    1. Thanks, but I think it might be a bit too big and heavy to bring on a trip (unless you want to carry it). Before I started this project I did know how to play a bit of piano as well as guitar, which was definitely helpful.

  5. Damn, that’s so impressive! The accordion is such a complicated instrument, high respect for learning it! What inspired you to chose it?

    1. Thanks so much! I chose the accordion for my project because my mom played it when she was a kid and I’ve always thought that it’s a really unique and interesting instrument.

  6. This is really cool and you’re the only person I know that can play an accordion. I also agree with Hailey’s comment

  7. I tried learning the accordion before my Grandmother sent me her piano from Saskatoon. It is not an easy instrument to learn. Your progress in five months is fantastic. You will be the life if the party. ; )

    1. Thanks so much! And you’re right it wasn’t easy to learn but once I got the hang of it I was able to make tons of progress since the beginning of this project.

  8. Ruby, this is incredible! Like some other people have pointed out, this must take insane practice and hand-eye coordination! I loved the songs you shared 🙂

  9. Fantastic job Ruby! Loved listening to your performance that just got better and better. Do the bass buttons have any identifying features that you can feel? It is out of sight when you play. How do you keep track of which button is which note?

    1. Thanks for your comment and question! There are actually three different marking on top of the bass buttons; most are just smooth, some have an indent in them, and others have a small piece of tape on them. All of the important buttons (like middle C) are either indented or have tape on them so that they are easy to indentify.

  10. Nice Ruby!!! That’s really impressive. It looks like drums or bagpipes in that you have to able to multitask and do three things at once with different rhythms. Very impressive!

    1. Thanks Mr. Salisbury! There’s definitely lots of multitasking going on while playing the accordion. It is kind of like drums or bagpipes in that way. And who knows, maybe I’ll trying learning one of those instruments next.

  11. Wow Ruby! Well done, couldn’t imagine all the dedication it took to learn this crazy instrument & you also learned to read sheet music! Really enjoyed the video & very impressed with your in-depth!

  12. This is truly inspired and inspiring! The accordion is such a cool instrument…and feels from another world. What drew you to it? Will you continue? This is so mesmerizing to listen to and to watch! I feel like I’m staring into magic! Well done!

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