In-depth Night 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to In-depth Night! This year for in-depth, I chose to learn how to play the accordion. This involved first learning how to read sheet music, more specifically accordion sheet music that involves both treble clef (𝄞) and bass clef (𝄢) notes. Next, I learned how to play the bass buttons and […]

In-depth Post #6

Progress Update: Since the last post, I have been continuing to work on improving my ability to play songs from beginning to end. I’ve been practicing about 5 different songs and slowly my skills have been improving. A couple of the songs I am now able to easily play without any errors and maybe in […]

In-depth Post #5

Progress Update: During the two weeks since the last post, I have been working on learning some new songs. These songs are more difficult because they are either in four-count rather than three or they are played at a different tempo than the songs that I have previously learned. At first, it was quite difficult […]

In-depth Post #4

Progress Update: Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on improving my ability to play some of the songs that I’ve already learned. I have also been playing some higher difficultly songs, which are played faster and include more notes. Several of the new songs that I have been learning have sections, where the […]

In-depth Post #3

Progress Update: For the past couple of weeks, my mentor and I have been focused on perfecting technique. I’ve been concentrating on playing around five basic songs and getting really good at them. The songs that I’ve been playing are still quite easy and mainly focus on the basic notes and keys that are used […]

In-depth Post #2

Progress Update: Since the beginning of the project, I’ve made quite a bit of progress considering that it’s only been a couple of weeks. I’ve gone from knowing the basics of reading music and playing the piano to being able to play several basic songs (which definitely still need some more practice), but overall I’ve […]

In-depth Post Introductory Post

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my introductory In-depth blog post! This year for my project I chose to learn how to play the accordion. I selected this because, I’ve always thought of the accordion as an interesting instrument, as it combines lots of different elements (keyboard, buttons, and bellows). Growing up I learned how to […]

In-depth Night 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Ruby and I’m a grade 9 TALONS learner. This year for my in-depth project, I learned about rock climbing. My goal was to learn about climbing techniques and skills, as well as improve my strength. I hope you enjoy watching my video! Thank you for participating in online In-depth Night! […]

In-depth Post #6

Since the last post, I have had to continue changing my in-depth project as I am not able to complete it how I originally planned to. I have been continuing to work on strength and endurance by working out frequently and going on runs. I’ve also been trying to find stuff around my house to climb; so far, I’ve climbed the tree […]

In-depth Post #5

Since the last post, I have not made as much progress as I have between posts in the past, as there is nowhere I can go to climb. Because of this, I have had to alter my project to focus more on the strength and conditioning part of climbing. To stay fit, I have been […]