In-depth Post #6

Since the last post, I have had to continue changing my in-depth project as I am not able to complete it how I originally planned to. I have been continuing to work on strength and endurance by working out frequently and going on runs. I’ve also been trying to find stuff around my house to climb; so far, I’ve climbed the tree in my front yard a few times just for fun and to try and practice some techniques. I’ve been working on my upper body strength by using the bench press and pull up bar that I have at my house. 

I have tried to contact my mentor several times since the last post, but I have not yet gotten a response back from her which is concerning, but hopefully, I will be able to reach her before online In-depth Night. 

I am currently still coming up with ways to present my project, as my original plan was to take videos of me demonstrating different climbing techniques I had learned, but right now I have no climbing wall to use. I have been brainstorming different alternatives for presenting my project. The first idea I had was to create a presentation (a PowerPoint or some other form) with videos of other people from the internet demonstrating climbing techniques and skills. My other idea was to use a very small climbing wall at a park near my house to make a video, but there are several issues with this idea, such as the fact that all playgrounds are currently shutdown. If I am able to access the park, I could sanitize the area before and after I use it and be very precautionary. I will continue to try and come up with an alternative option for my In-depth Night presentation.

I have followed through with my plan to make a pinch block for me to use, but I have not been able to find wood that could work for building a hang board. For building the pinch block, I used the video down below as a guide, but I had to make some changes due to the lack of some supplies.

Here is the pinch block that I made:


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  1. Great idea to climb the tree. Is there an adult nearby in case something happens? Some parks may be open after May long weekend. This may give you enough time to do some climbing and video tape yourself. Remember you presentation/ video has to be short and sweet. People are not going to look through a Power point. They have 55 posts to check out in two hours!

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