In-depth Post #5

Since the last post, I have not made as much progress as I have between posts in the past, as there is nowhere I can go to climb. Because of this, I have had to alter my project to focus more on the strength and conditioning part of climbing. To stay fit, I have been doing some sort of physical activity every day, such as going for a run and doing workouts from videos. I have also been continuing to work on the exercises that my mentor showed me in the past.

In order to continue with the climbing aspect of my project, I have been watching some of the outdoor climbing films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, as they have been uploaded to their website so people can watch them from home. I have found all of the ones I have so far watched very interesting, especially since I don’t really know what outdoor climbing is like.

Since my mentor and I last met I have reached out to her a few times, but I have not yet gotten a response back from her, which is understandable, as she is most likely very busy during this time.

In the future to continue improving my grip strength, I plan on trying to build a hangboard (see first image) and a pinch block (see second image) that I can use at home out of some scrap wood.


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