In-depth Night 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Ruby and I’m a grade 9 TALONS learner.

This year for my in-depth project, I learned about rock climbing. My goal was to learn about climbing techniques and skills, as well as improve my strength. I hope you enjoy watching my video!

Thank you for participating in online In-depth Night! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

53 thoughts on “In-depth Night 2020

  1. I am impressed with how you adapted your skills and training after covid. What was the hardest part for you and why?

    1. The hardest part was probably coming up with ways to continue climbing, as all the climbing gyms closed down. With some innovation I found unique ways to climb, like using the tree in my front yard and going to a local park that has a climbing wall.

  2. Well done! I have tried rock climbing in the past, and I remember how much hand/finger/arm strength it took to climb. We hope you keep climbing! – Natalie and Brandon

    1. Thanks! A large portion of my project was building up strength in my arms, as climbing requires a lot of upper body strength.

  3. Hi there, Ruby!
    I’m really impressed with your newly acquired rock-climbing skills. I wish I had enough upper body strength to try this as well, haha. I didn’t get to read your previous blog posts, but I was wondering if you had tried rock-climbing with a harness?

    What types of exercises would help with gaining muscle for rock-climbing?

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the grind!

    1. Thanks so much, Kailey. Yes, I have done climbing with a harness which is usually called top rope climbing. To build up muscle strength in my arms I used a piece of equipment called a pinch block which helps with improving grip strength.

    1. Yes, I am planning to continue climbing after this project is done, as I’ve enjoyed it a lot. In the past I’ve mainly gone to a local climbing gym called Climb Base 5, but in the future I might try outdoor rock climbing.

  4. Wow this looks hard and really satisfying once you master a move. I enjoyed the informative presentation! Way to challenge yourself!

    1. Thanks and yes, it was really nice to learn new techniques and eventually perfect them. I’m glad you enjoyed my video!

  5. Thank you for the very informative presentation. It was great seeing all the terms and techniques put together this thoughtfully. I hope you keep climbing.

  6. Your In-Depth topic is super admirable! The few times I’ve tried rock-climbing, I’ve always enjoyed it. Did you have any unexpected challenges throughout the process? What would you say is your favourite part about rock climbing?
    Congratulations on completing your project!

    1. Thanks, I worked really hard on my project. There weren’t many unexpected challenges that occurred, but one challenge was building up my grip strength, as it made my arms quite sore the next day. My favourite part of rock climbing is reaching the top of a climb/route that I’ve been working on, as it made all the effort worth it.

  7. Great work Ruby, didn’t realize I knew so little about rock climbing so thanks for all the info!
    Mrs. Landsky

  8. woah! your video was really easy to follow and you most certainly look like you know what you’re doing!

    good job Ruby, your have some mad climbing skills

    1. Thanks a bunch. At first I found climbing quite difficult but as I gained more experience it got easier. The hardest part was probably not giving up on high difficulty climbs, as sometimes my arms were really tired by the top of the climb.

  9. Wow! I can see that you’ve learned a lot about rock climbing from this project. I hope you continue to learn about climbing! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked my presentation! Editing the video was a rather difficult learning experience.

  10. Great job Ruby – it was a great way to show & explain the techniques & skills so clearly. Now I know the names of the moves that Tyson does! Well done – keep climbing!

  11. Despite the short time frame, your video is still incredibly informative and thorough. Your demonstrations provide a great visual representation of each technique.

  12. Hi,

    I was wondering if you preferred bouldering or top-roping? Do you ever get nervous about not having someone belay you?

    1. Personally, I prefer top-rope climbing over bouldering. When I first tried bouldering it was a little scary, but after a few times I got used to falling onto the mat below.

  13. Great work Ruby!! I had no idea there were so many different techniques involved in rock climbing.

    When you were finding a particular section of wall challenging, did you have any techniques to help push through and reach your goal?

    1. Thank you so much! When there was a part in a climb that I was having trouble with, I usually took a break and tried to plan out what holds I would use for my hands and feet, which usually helped.

  14. Great presentation Ruby, you taught me lots about different holds and moves. I hope you can start climbing again with your friends soon!

  15. That’s so cool, Ruby! I didn’t know there were so many named techniques and different holds! You demonstrated them very well! What was your favourite technique, and what are your favourite and least favourite holds?

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you were able to learn about climbing. I don’t really have a favourite technique, but I used hand and foot matching a lot while climbing. My favourite type of holds are volumes because they make climbs more interesting and can have other holds on them. My least favourite are crimps because they are difficult to get a good grip on.

  16. Your topic sounds like a lot of fun! Your video was really interesting and I learned a lot from it.

  17. This is a very creative project. Great work! Was it difficult for you to build up the necessary strength for rock climbing? Did you have to make any changes (exercising more, eating healthier, etc) in order to become as good as you did?

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