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Hi Everyone, and welcome to my introductory In-depth blog post!

This year for my project I chose to learn how to play the accordion. I selected this because, I’ve always thought of the accordion as an interesting instrument, as it combines lots of different elements (keyboard, buttons, and bellows). Growing up I learned how to play the piano, but as I got older, I stopped playing, and I’ve always wanted to relearn how to play. Learning to play the accordion will be relatively similar to relearning how to play the piano just more complex, as there is a keyboard as well as other elements. I believe that learning the accordion will be an adequately challenging and educational experience for me.

While learning to play the accordion, I plan to start very simple and learn to play each of the elements separately. As I become more comfortable with the instrument, I’ll combine the elements and learn to play songs. I will also have to relearn how to read music both well and quickly, which shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

For the project, my mother, Audrey Charney, will be my mentor. She’s been playing the accordion since she was quite young and is very skilled at it. I believe that having my mother as my mentor will allow me to spend more time on my project as it will be a lot easier to find times that we can both practice. I also am going to use online resources like videos, websites, etc. to help me with my project.

Below is a picture of an accordion that is very similar to the accordion that I will be using to learn. This specific type is called a keyboard accordion, as it has both keys and buttons.

Throughout the duration of my project, I am hoping that everything will go smoothly, but there will likely be a few bumps in the road along the way. A possible obstacle that I’ve thought of is struggling to play the keyboard, buttons, and bellows all at once. Hopefully, I will be able to overcome this obstacle if it arises by practicing as much as possible. Another impediment that could occur is the fact that the accordion I will be learning on is quite old. Considering the fact that it has held up this long, hopefully, it will be sufficient for the duration of my project.

By the end of my project, I am hoping that I will be able to play a variety of somewhat difficult songs with minimal to no errors. On In-depth Night I plan to film videos and audio recordings of me playing the accordion. I will also likely create some sort of presentation (like a Powerpoint or Prezi) to show the types of accordions, the parts, and maybe a little bit of the history.


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