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In-Depth Post #4

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been a little extra busy with climbing and haven’t had as many chances to practice on the slackline. I’ve made a little progress with my left foot and can now start walking from either foot on the slackline. Unfortunately, because of my lack of practice, I haven’t really learned anything new since the last post.

The video below shows part of a single day I worked on the slackline. This is about a week apart from the end of the last video. I was allowed to leave the slackline setup outside the gym as long as I covered it, so I kept it out while I practiced.


As I said before, I’ve made minor progress since the last post, but I’ve still been having fun. I can consistently land on the slackline when jumping from a seated position. Right now, I would like to be able to easily walk or simply balance on the slackline within a month or so. Working on the basics is my main priority right now, so I’m not too worried about learning any new tricks yet. I am trying various techniques from my mentor, but those are to improve my balance on the slackline, not as new learned tricks. Once I do begin learning new tricks, I will focus on each individual trick instead of trying to learn many at once.

Even though my progress has been minimal, I can still see an improvement overall. I can see it in recordings I take, and I also notice how much better I can balance in everyday life. It has already created a noticeable difference in slab climbing (which is a balanced based type of climbing). Improving in slab climbing was part of the intended benefits from this project, so I’m glad it is working!

Listening and Asking Questions

Over the past few weeks, I only met once with my mentor because he was extremely busy with the climbing gym. He had a lot of responsibilities to cover, so our meeting was short. During the meeting I showed him my progress and asked about new techniques I could learn. He explained that I could try to, “run and jump onto the slackline to improve your balance with large movements.” This is because the force of landing on the slackline from the run creates a lot of movement and is significantly harder to control than simply standing up. I tried it a couple times, but I had a lot of difficulty with it. Eventually I managed to land it once. I couldn’t land it again after that, so I will need to continue practicing that.

Overall, there hasn’t been too much I’ve needed to ask about because I’m still going over the basics. I need to become proficient at the basics before I can ask more detailed questions to improve my skills.

This was a relatively short post due to minimal practice, so I’ll hopefully have more time to create a longer, more in-depth post next time!

Thanks for reading my In-Depth progress! If you want to see more, make sure to check in here every month to see how much I’ve progressed!

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