Partner Interview Reflection

Partner Interview Reflection

Partner Interviews:

Through the process of interviewing a peer, I was able to practice my interviewing skills and learn what my strengths and weaknesses were. While interviewing Draedon I felt calm and confident. I was told by Dylan that I had great expression in my voice and good hand motions too. However, I was told that at times I didn’t seem fully invested in the interview because of the tone in my voice and I was fidgeting with my pencil. Another thing that I did well on were my questions and my followups. I think did well on this because I prepared my questions beforehand. The last thing I noticed I could improve on was watching my filler words. This is something that I have been trying to improve for a while now.

Eminent Interview Update:

Over the past week, I have been struggling to find a person to interview. I have attempted to email my eminent person, however, Tavi Gevinson doesn’t have any of her personal contact information online, not even her PR team. I was only able to find multiple very uncredible-looking websites where you had to pay money to book supposed celebrities for events. From here I’m not sure where to go. Tavi Gevinson doesn’t have an organization to her name or professors that have dedicated their lives to learning about her work. It has just recently come to my mind to try and find some of the teenage girls that helped write the Rookie magazine and attempt to contact them.

Thanks for reading my post.

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