Eminent Commenting Reflection

Through looking at other people’s blog posts, I have learned more about some of my classmates and their interests, hopes, and dreams. I was happy to learn that they were very much choosing their eminent people based on their interests, (like Bana choosing a singer, or Henry choosing a physicist), as I think that is the best way to do it because it ensures engagement and makes researching that person fun. It was neat to see the different ways in which students interpreted the prompts, like answering them as a list of questions, answering them in paragraphs, or writing paragraphs how they want, and just making sure they are answered at some point. I enjoyed reading the latter type most, as it made reading enjoyable and drew me in. I also liked it when people told a story, as it displayed their person’s eminence in an interesting way. Reading these posts and noticing what I liked and didn’t as a reader provides insight into how I should write blog posts and format my other eminent-related projects to engage and attract readers, rather than bore them. Finally, I also noticed that it made blog posts, especially long ones, much easier to read when the paragraph breaking came at the perfect time, right in between topics. This is a reminder for me to make sure my paragraphs have meaningful distinctions between them, and their topics are clear.