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I used this source frequently when I was working on my learning center. This article thoroughly describes his typewriter and was very informative. Also, I found some fun-facts in this website such as his “Don’t Think” sign above his typewriter. Editors. Ray Bradbury – Books, Fahrenheit 451 & Life – Biography. 2 April 2014. Document. 28 November 2019. <>.

This biography about Ray Bradbury is a good place to start off but isn’t too in-depth. The biography briefly highlights his life and outlines the main events, but doesn’t have enough information in the smaller topics. Overall, this website would be a good starting point for a project, but I wouldn’t only use information from this website, as it doesn’t explain specific topics enough.

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As I was working on my speech, this website was very useful as it gave a very informative and detailed interview with Ray Bradbury about Mr. Electrico. This interview helped me stay in character and know how to behave like Mr. Electrico. During this interview, Ray Bradbury goes in-depth about his description of Mr. Electrico which was really amazing.

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This website was one of the main sources of information I had to write my blog post. Ray Bradbury’s life is described enough to get a clear understanding of his life – both struggles and achievements but doesn’t make it confusing. Overall, this resource was very useful as it was clear and descriptive.

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I used this article to check my other sources and get a general understanding of how his life went. Since the New York Times is a large company, and usually trustworthy, I knew the information isn’t likely to be false. Also, the article went more in-depth in certain areas, such as his awards and books he wrote.

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