How to be a REAL success.


How to be a real success.


  • “Love people more than opinions.”

Love is… | Jason Stadtlander

This concept talks about getting to like and know other people not because of what they believe in (their opinions), but in who they are inside. This concept also mentions that opinions do not always define a person and we should be careful in creating those judgements in the first place. Just because we do not necessarily agree with someone does not mean we should dislike the person in question. With this concept, we can open ourselves to new relationship opportunities that wouldn’t be there without this idea in mind. People > Opinions. 

I chose this concept because, in complete honesty, I sometimes do judge people based on their opinions and way of thinking, sometimes negatively, contradicting the “Love people” part of the overall concept. Sometimes this could jeopardize an otherwise healthy relationship. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that judging people based off their opinions alone was very stupid and immature. Not agreeing on something as a base to disliking/not loving someone is a very negative train of thought and doesn’t help anyone gain anything. I have taken this idea to heart and I will not diss anyone’s music taste/ book taste, overall opinions, or anything related to that matter, and instead will look toward who the person really is instead. And I guess make an attempt to better my relationship with them. (Also I’m not a toxic person I promise.) 

I will continue to apply this concept to TALONS leadership events and activities by getting to know everyone and better my relationship with them through this concept. Looking past their opinions and loving everyone because of who they are. Not who they say they are. This will help with the activities and such since this would help spread less negativity around to get things to run smoother. Also, I will be able to work better and more efficiently with everyone. I think TALONS will be an even more tightly knit community through this one principle. 


  • The law of significance – “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.” 

3 Ways to Equip People Using Technology

This concept tells us that we cannot do things, great things to be exact, by ourselves. We are not a “significant” enough force to achieve success. We rely and depend on the help of others close to us. Who help boost and push us along this path. Which alone, cannot be conquered and gained. The law of significance tells us that we need a team; a number greater than one, to achieve or set goals. This law is important in the sense that it is the base of the entire “equipping” shenanigans. We equip other people to our team because of this law. 

I chose this principle over the other ones because I feel it really summarizes this session well in the sense that this law is the base of “equipping”. We must equip people to help us on our journey because one person, ourselves, is not enough to achieve success and be successful. This law is also a great segue into the rest of the equipping session. I think it’s relevant to because of the fact that I always try to shoot for my goals individually. instead of the more efficient and realistic approach of getting help and equipping others alike to shoot for my goals with me. Onward, I would try to take this law into heart and try to tackle challenges as a team as often as I can. Compared to by myself. 

I will apply this concept to future TALONS leadership events and activities by trying my best to create leadership opportunities and growth not by myself, but with the incorporated effort of a team/multiple people (probably won’t be able to do it alone anyway.)  And achieve our leadership goals together since one person alone, no matter what the circumstances, is never enough. I think this would benefit TALONS greatly since with this principle we could get to know each other even better by combining ideas and just tackling challenges as a close community. 


  • “Our attitude is a choice.” 

Attitude Isn't Everything, But It Is a 'Difference Maker' – TLNT

This principle talks about how our attitude shouldn’t be defined by the things around us and our environment. Such as how your astrology sign or whatever shouldn’t define your negative attitude. It wasn’t astrology’s fault for your terrible attitude. It’s yours. We can’t change the past, so we should focus on making our present and future better with good attitude, which we can change. Attitude is what you make it out to be, there’s rarely an excuse for having bad attitude. In summary, this quote is telling us to always have a positive mindset and attitude, since if you have a choice, why can’t it be a good one? 

I specifically chose this principle because a while back I used to blame negative behavior and attitude on the things around me pretty regularly. Though this principle sort of brought things into light again. It got me thinking a bit about how attitude isn’t shaped by the things around you. It got me wondering why people are always negative and decide to shape their own attitude toward the dark side. I think this is especially relevant right now in these times with everything going on. We must continue to keep a good attitude towards everything. 

I will apply this principle to future leadership trips, events, and activities by keeping a close eye on what my overall attitude is and to try to stay positive and spread positive energy around, and also helping others do the same. With this positive energy we can work more productively. We can communicate better. We can plan trips better. And have more fun. If everyone chooses to have a good attitude, everything will be better in general. If we choose to keep a good attitude, we can be more resilient and stronger toward hardships (especially in these times right now.) 


  • “The secret of our success is discovered in our daily agenda.” 

The Power of a Clear Leadership Narrative

This quote talks about how you can’t become a leader, or truly successful, in one day. You have to gradually build up your leadership skills and reach your goals overtime. Don’t rush things and take things slowly. If you rush things, they’ll be messy and incomplete. If we can build things slowly, we’ll be able to learn and improve ourselves. What we’ll be tomorrow depends on what we do today. This quote talks about doing what matters today and every day, and you’ll reach success. We overestimate the end result, and we underestimate the process it takes to get there. 

I chose this principle because I’ve always tried to rush things in the past, which ended in the outcome being not so well. So, from experience I believe that this quote is super valuable if you want to achieve greatness in any aspect or form. I also believe that this principle can be applied to anyone who wants to be a future leader and/or reach any goals of theirs. Take small steps instead of a huge, inaccurate one that misses 99.99999% of the time. This principle can be applied to everyone, everyday. It’s really important in the sense that it tells us to get in a routine, which we can turn into good habits, which we can then turn into profits. 

This principle can be applied to leadership mainly through building a solid leader. It tells us to slowly but surely build and reinforce leadership ideas and opportunities to become a better leader in general. We can apply this idea by getting everyone to build a solid leadership routine and schedule. Planning proper meetings and taking the proper steps. We can use this to plan our trips better and more efficiently with better teamwork and a more built-in schedule 


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