In-Depth Blog Post #1

In-Depth Blog Post #1

Hey everyone, Hope you’re having a fantastic day! In this In-Depth blog post we’ll be talking a bit about my In-Depth topic and why I chose it, and what I’ll be planning to do/my step-by-step plan to better myself in this field. 

So, what is my In-Depth Topic and what inspired me to choose it? 

  • I’ve chosen character design and drawing people in general (such as portraits and gestures.) 

I’ve chosen this topic because I picked up art during the beginning of the spring quarantine, since I was bored and had little to do. Since then, I’ve grown a very fond liking to drawing, specifically the ability to be able to turn your imagination into something materialized in an art form. Recently, I got my hands on a drawing tablet, which motivated me even more to draw since it opened me to an entire world of new possibilities, to be more specific, the world of digital art. 

Drawing also gives you the ability to express ideas and emotion without the use of words, as they say, one picture speaks a thousand words. I’m not saying I don’t like to talk or write of course, don’t get me wrong I love it, but I do find art to be a very nice alternative. Another reason is that since I’m a Highschooler with a phone, I have social media, which is definitely the biggest influence when it came to art, since it gave me the opportunity to see thousands of other artists’ works. 

Also, art is pretty cool like c’mon. 

~ Some of my Inspirations: 

Ilya Kuvshinov – (source @kuvshinov_ilya):

Wallpaper Girl, Minimalism, Figure, Eyes, Brush, Art, Fingers, by Ilya  Kuvshinov, Ilya Kuvshinov images for desktop, section арт - download

Samuel Youn – (source @samyounart):

Samuel Youn on Twitter: "Winter… "

Klegsart – (source @klegsart):

Klegs🌃 on Twitter: "12 AM… " | Art, Anime wallpaper, Wallpaper pc

David Revoy – (source

Interview with David Revoy | Krita

+ Many others! 

What do I want to accomplish during this In-Depth Project? 

To put it in the simplest terms possible: During the end of this project, I would want to be able to look back at myself and my art before I started this project and say “wow I sucked at art back then, good thing I’m not bad anymore” or something along those lines. 

  • Learning more about anatomy, shading, clean line-art and perspective. 
  • I would also like to accomplish would be to better my understanding of digital art. And drawing software. Because holy is it confusing, it’s like learning a new language altogether. Layers this, blending that, right now I wouldn’t be wrong if I said I had no idea what I was doing when it comes to digital art. 
  • Better my understanding of traditional painting since I have yet to do any. 
  • Fill my room with my own posters/prints 

However, my main goal would be to reach at least 100 followers on a newly made Instagram art account. Kind of niche but I believe it’s a great way to measure my reputation as an artist plus gaining followers on the worst social media platform is no easy feat. This will make a nice challenge and motivator for this In-Depth Project and in a way make a reputation in the artist community. 

How will I accomplish this? 

Being a good artist and putting out high quality work can be very challenging, though I’ve learned that to do so, it comes down to hard work and continuous practice and continuous drawing. And I’ll try my hardest to do just that. I’ll spend around an hour a day just drawing. If I want to expand my knowledge of digital art it will just be through experience, so I need to continuously practice to better any potential digital art pieces. 

I will do a lot of studies, which are basically visual notes and practices in very specific areas. Such as hand studies or lighting studies. I will also follow a lot of tutorials and get advice from my mentor + other artists that have way more experience than me. This will be incorporated into that hour. 

Last thing that I need to do to accomplish these goals would be to always strive to try something new. What I mean by this is that I need to open myself up to different mediums, art styles, art, maybe even drawing software, etc. Only then will I be able to boost myself even higher. 

Some other things: 

  • Create an Instagram art account where I will post at least once a week. 
  • In doing so I might do fellow artists’ DTIYS (Draw this in your style) or commissions. 
  • Have a grand unveiling/maybe presentation as well of a final art piece for In-Depth. 
Plan:  Timetable:  
Create the Instagram Account  First week of New Year’s 2021 (fresh start) 
Post Art  Once a week. 
Participate in a DTIYS (redraw someone else’s art in a competition)  Anytime during In-Depth period. 
Start Final Piece  2 weeks before unveiling 
Start editing and preparing presentation/Final piece  1 week before unveiling 
Post Final Piece and Present it.  Week before school ends this year. 2021 

As an artist there aren’t really any deadlines unless you’re a professional one, but I tried to make something work. 

My Mentor. 

Sadly, I’ve reached out to many different artists alike, but all of the people I’ve reached out to have yet to respond and I get they’re pretty busy. But I do have hope. It’s also been hard finding a local artist that I know of. Though I think as an artist getting advice and help especially is really important. Theres nothing wrong about being self-taught and independent, though having an experienced artist who has gone through the same struggles as you have giving you their advice and teaching you tips, and tricks can help you flourish and grow much faster.  Plus, nobody is ever self-taught in the first place (except the first caveman) everybody watches YouTube tutorials and other related tools. 

Others and Resources that will support me. 

  • YouTube Tutorials and related tools (like I said above.) 
  • Other artists that I might reach out to. And their art. 
  • My Friends and Family as always. 
  • Pinterest and other places that offer good references. 
  • My tablet + Krita (my current software) 
  • YouTube Lofi Playlists of course. 

Other than that, my art improvement mostly lies on my hands (literally and metaphorically).  

What have I been able to complete so far? 

So far, I have created this Instagram account though I have yet to post any art. Though I did have a bit of drawing experience prior to choosing my In-Depth topic, though very little as I started drawing around April of 2020. The level of my art currently isn’t too terrible though I have A LOT to learn. 

How will I share my progress? 

I think the art posted on this newly made Instagram account is enough to show and compare my ongoing progress. 

Thank you!

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