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Remote Learning

Remote Learning has been a completely different experience. Although it took some time to get used to at the start, I have now familiarized myself with it. These past few weeks of online learning, I have discovered some things I like and dislike about school being online. I'm not able to make physical connections with my peers and teachers anymore. Online learning makes it harder to understand the lessons that should take an hour of teaching, but instead are fit into a 30 minute live video. I'm afraid this will have affected my understanding on some concepts in school later. Despite these, I will admit I like how it's made school much easier. There are little to no tests, and assignments are much easier. I'm also able to attend class while being in bed.

      Not being able to always fully understand the lessons is what has held me back. I have a hard time learning from a computer screen, and I'm concerned this will cause me to do poorly in my next year. Another thing that impeded me about all this is having the motivation to check all of my emails and assignments. With how slow school has been, for a little while it made all the work feel optional. The way technology has benefited me is by raising my grades because of how straightforward the work is.

       Communication is one of the proficient core competencies that I went into online school with. When I didn't understand something from a lesson, I video called my friend to have her help me until I understood. I communicated what was confusing me. A core competency I worked on and improved was personal awareness and responsibility. I made myself aware I had to take ownership over my assignments and force myself to finish them.

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