Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Works Cited

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This webpage provides an overview of Oprah’s life. It gives you a further understanding of her childhood and her story, and it is a great starting point for preliminary research. This site mentions her career timeline, relationship with family members, and many achievements. I credit this website for pushing me to select Oprah Winfrey as my eminent person.


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This website has compiled 20 of Oprah Winfrey’s most inspiring and empowering quotes into a list. Oprah Winfrey’s quotes showcase her inner thoughts and highlights her passions and beliefs. By reading through her quotes, I have gained more insight on who she is as a person, and what she hopes to do in the world. Oprah’s quote, “Turn your wounds into wisdom” deeply resonates with her because of all the hardships she has fought through to be where she is today.


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This website aided in my learning by providing me with Oprah’s greatest accomplishments and achievements. I learned about accomplishments such as her talk show, the leadership academy she created for girls in Africa, and the Golden Globes’ Cecil B. DeMille Award she received. This source focuses on the highlights of Oprah’s career and what resulted from her drive and persistence to succeed.


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This website has an article taken from the O, The Oprah Magazine and it is about Oprah creating the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Oprah created this school for girls who don’t have a way to get proper education because they’re living in poverty. Reading this article gave me insight on Oprah as a person, what she envisions, and the change she is driven to make in the world. The text outlines the whole process, from planning, building and construction, to Oprah meeting the young girls that she has inspired and given opportunity to.


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The commencement speech Oprah gave at Spelman College showcases the three lessons she believes are the key to real success. Oprah spoke about defining what you want and who you are, finding a way to serve others, and always doing the right thing. The statement “You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life,” spoke to me and exemplified Oprah’s drive and motivation. This speech contributed to my learning by providing me with more of Oprah’s own words and thoughts and showcasing her wants and fears.

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