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In-Depth has taken a new course since my first In-Depth post. Originally, I was going to pursue punch-needling, but I could not find a mentor anywhere and the skill focused too much on repetition, rather than building skills through the learning process. Now, I have switched gears to jewelry making because it is also a hands-on skill that I am interested in.

I have been experimenting with making spoon rings because I saw a video a while back which piqued my interest. Using old, thin, spoons I had at home, pliers, a table clamp, hammer, and round metal object, I was able to create spoon rings.

Here is a PowerPoint outlining a step-to-step tutorial with pictures.


My first attempt was not so great, and it turned out more like a triangular shape. By implementing different techniques, I was able to get it looking closer to a round circle on my second attempt. I was content with this, but I felt that I could do better. By integrating alternatives and knowledge from my mentor, and learning through trial and error, my third spoon ring looks completely circular and it something I am proud of.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Attempts (left to right)

I have been making an effort to focus on de Bono’s advice on how to agree and how to disagree. Agreement comes fairly easy to me, especially in a mentorship setting. Though agreeing can come easy, I need to remember that agreement must be completely genuine and not because you feel an inclination to do so. I have focused on agreeing while adding my own ideas and thoughts to conversations with my mentor.

I find disagreeing to be a bit more difficult than agreeing. Through reading How to Have a Beautiful Mind, I have grasped the idea that disagreeing is critical, but it needs to be done in an effective way. For example, you need to disagree politely. Disagreeing in a rude way just drives tension between you and the other individual. While talking with my mentor, I have made efforts to politely disagree and differ. I have tried my best to communicate why I disagree or why I am not completely following with the ideas she is expressing to me.

De Bono tells us how to be interesting is important and interest can arise from meaningful conversations. Through conversations with my mentor, I think I have been able to practice some of De Bono’s tips on this topic. A connection made that generated interest was talking about how her jewelry-making journey began, which connected to my interests. I tried to engage in the conversations with my mentor and focus on the topics that I was most intrigued by.

Through conversations with my mentor, I have also tried my best to ask clarification questions. I have learned that if I am not completely understanding something, it is important to stop and address that, or else my mentor will think I am following along. I have also been incorporating my own experiences/stories into conversations, which has helped the flow of discussions. Although she is my mentor and I am the mentee, there are ideas we can both learn from each other through meaningful conversations.

After creating rings out of spoons, I want to still create rings but out of different materials. Now, I am looking to make wire rings with stones. I have ordered a few supplies that should be arriving very soon, and I also need to drop by Michael’s to pick up some wire.

More updates to follow!

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