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For my In-Depth project this year, I have decided to explore punch needling. Punch needling is a craft related to rug hooking. When using a punch needle, you push the needle into the fabric while keeping the needle on the surface. This motion forms a series of loops that can form a rug or embroidery piece. I chose punch needling as my topic because it is a skill that I have recently found interest in. I enjoy hands-on projects and punch needling seems like a fun passion that can be done to pass time. By learning this skill, I hope to have gained a new hobby that I can continue after the in-depth project period. 

Learn Punch Needle Embroidery: A Beginner's Guide - Raising Nobles

To learn the basics of punch needling, I will use various resources such as YouTube videos/tutorials, blogs, websites, and books. I have found that there are many online resources and specifically many videos on how to get started with punch needling. Additionally, I will also receive assistance and support from a mentor. With the help of a mentor and online resources, I feel that I will be prepared to learn how to punch needle and gain experience in many techniques. 

I have done some searching online but I currently do not have a mentor in place. There are not many individuals locally who are knowledgeable in this specific craft, so I have found difficulty finding a mentor. I am looking to visit Michael’s as there may be someone experienced in punch needling. If I cannot find a mentor quickly, I may have to switch my topic as In-Depth is already rolling. An alternative topic I have in mind is piano. My mother could be my mentor and piano may work out well as I have a piano in my house already.  

As of right now, I have purchased supplies I need online such as the punch needle, monk’s cloth, and an embroidery hoop, but they have not yet arrived. I will also purchase yarn and backing cloth as soon as possible. Although I have not had the chance to punch needle yet, I have been watching many videos and tutorials on how to get started. I have also kept track of some inspiration ideas that I would like to create.  

The In-Depth project will take place from January through May. Throughout these five months, I will be having meetings with a mentor, completing blog posts, and tracking my progressMy goal is to be consistent with working on In-Depth. This means practicing punch needling every week and learning new techniques and information. I want to create punch needle pieces throughout all five months and to present my learning at the end of In-Depth, I am looking to create a large-scale punch needle rug that showcases all the skills I have learned. In addition, I may create a video or presentation on the basics of punch needling.  

I aexcited to embark on this learning journey and hope for an engaging and enjoyable experience! 

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  1. This is a creative skill to learn, You may branch out into other areas of “embroidery” as well.

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