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Eminent Project

Jackie Chan Eminent Person Speech

For this project, we were supposed to research someone who we thought left a good impact on our world. We had to write a speech that had to be from the point of view of something that was close to the eminent person. I choose Jackie Chan as my eminent person because he left a huge impact in the movie industry, and I wrote my speech from the viewpoint of his director.

I tailor my work to appeal to my intended audience and use language and visual design elements appropriate for them
When I first started to write my speech, I didn’t know from whose point of view I should talk about. I first thought of doing from the point of view of his close friend, wife, or kids, but I realized that my peers might not understand who they are. Finally, I decided to write my speech from a camera’s point of view, as it was something very important in Jackie Chan’s life and also everyone knows what a camera is. I was able to show Jackie Chan’s growth by changing the camera, such as from a flip phone camera to a paparazzi camera.

I respond to the work or ideas of my peers in a way that is compassionate and productive
While everyone was starting to finish up their speeches, we started to ask each other to read over our speeches to see if we missed something. I was asked many times to read over my peers’ speeches, and once I was finished, I made sure to give them at least five points to work on. I only used constructive criticism, such as “I think you need to give yourself little pauses in your speech by using a few more comma’s”. Sometimes, depending on the situation, I would ask them to either email it to me or just read it in front of me.

I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of my peers
While I was reading over my peer’s work, I also asked others to read over my speech. I always made sure if they had time, and if they did, I would ask them nicely if they could read my speech. When they gave me the points, they thought I had to work on, I would ask them to clarify, and then fix the mistake. I think it was easier to build upon their criterium as everyone gave me great, constructive, feedback.



Midsummer Night’s Dream Vignette


For this project, I made a skit about a book titled “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We got into a group of four, and we were supposed to choose a scene from the book. Once we got assigned scenes, I and my group mates made our skit. The skit was supposed to be around eight minutes long, and we were recommended not to use a script. My group got act 2 scene 1, which was the part where Titania and Oberon argue against each other.

I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers
Once we were put into a group of four and got our scene, we made a google doc to write down our scripts. Through the document, we were able to work on the script even when we weren’t seeing each other, and we were able to edit each other’s lines which were very helpful. We did everything from the idea generation, planning, and script making on the google doc.

I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through the creative use of technology
While we were in the planning stage, my group thought that it would be cool if we could change the background depending on our lines. At first, we were not sure how we could do that, but I thought of the idea of using a PowerPoint to use a background. With a PowerPoint, we were able to have a background and change it depending on our lines. While I was translating my lines, I found many cool websites that helped me write my lines such as a website that translates Shakespeare writing to modern-day text.




ZIP story

ZIP is an open-ended inquiry project where we get to explore new ideas and learn about things that we are interested in. For this year’s ZIP project, I decided to try something new and choose picture bookmaking. For my final product, I made a short picture book that showed my learning throughout these past weeks.

I determine the most effective medium to present my work
While I was thinking of ideas for my final product, I thought of the idea to make a children’s picture book. I think that was the best was to show my learning as my ZIP inquiry question was “how do authors make original and authentic children’s book characters?”.

I design my work with consideration given to aesthetics and design, such as constant color-schemes, symmetry or organization of visual elements, and overall layout.
I spent most of my time making the picture book, as I was not a good drawer. Because I knew nothing about drawing, I researched drawing techniques used for children’s books such as using bright, bold, colors and leaving no empty white spaces. I think my picture book is pretty aesthetically pleasing, as it was what I spent all my time on.



PTI Presentation

Truth and Reconciliation Commission PowerPoint

After we read “The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian”, my group was given a research topic and we were supposed to make a presentation for our final product. My group got the truth and reconciliation commission as our topic and we made our presentation into a form of debate as we thought that that would engage our audience more than boring, normal PowerPoints.

My work demonstrates a positive, productive, and empathetic worldview
The topic my group got was a pretty controversial topic, as happened only a few years ago. While I research about the truth and reconciliation commission, I realized that. There could be different ways people could view this topic. That is why my group made our presentation have both the views, although one viewpoint was more talked about than the other. My group talked about the pros and cons of the truth and reconciliation commission, which further proves how we were not biased in our presentation.

I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding
When my group first received this topic, we wanted to make it the most un-bias as we can, so after sharing our ideas, we decided to show bother viewpoints so that our peers could get a more in-depth understanding of our topic. We split the group into two, one for the positive view and the other for the negative view. I think that doing this helped us not be biased as our topic was very controversial.

I identify and discuss bias in research sources
After we got the idea of doing a debate as a presentation, we split into two groups, one for the positive side, and one for the negative side. We did that to make sure that we didn’t show any bias as our presentation as a whole. I made sure to use reliable sources such as the official truth and reconciliation commission website. At the end of our presentation, our group as a whole discussed how biases can change how we think about a topic.



Electricity Science Lap


For one of our science labs, we were put into a group of four and told to carry our own experiment using fruits as “battery’s”. My group’s inquiry question was “How does the different temperature of Lemons affect their voltage?” We later found out that the temperature does not really change the lemon’s voltage.


 I go beyond google and use databases to find scholarly research sources

While I was researching experiments similar to this, I made sure to use the CRAAP test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose) on all the websites I used to make sure that they were all okay for me to use. Some of the websites I used were official university websites or books such as our grade 9 science textbook.


I critically assess research sources for currency, reliability, authority, and purpose

Before I used any websites, I made sure to use the CRAAP test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose) to make sure that everything on the website was real and accurate. After our research, my group shared what we learned and we were able to see how some of the information that we learned wasn’t right.

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