Eminent Learning Centres – Steve Jobs

Hello, welcome to my learning center!


This is my PowerPoint about Steve Jobs.

Once you’re finished with the PowerPoint, you can take a short Kahoot to check your knowledge!


Have fun 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Centres – Steve Jobs

    • I think the biggest factor that contributed to my success was my pursuit for perfection. Although I had an unimaginably big vision, I always cared about the precise details of every little step. I guess the reason my employees called me a “strict leader” was because I needed to make sure that everything they were doing were up to my standards.

  1. I think that there’s so much to cover when it comes to Steve Jobs as an EP, and your PowerPoint summed it up quite nicely! It’s so cool that he didn’t only inspire people, but entire businesses. Nice presentation.

  2. I find it interesting that you were ousted from Apple—a company that you cofounded and helped build. What events led up to you getting fired from Apple?

    • I think the main reason I got fired from my own company was because of the constant struggle for power between me and the board. I guess you know who the real winner was on the end though.

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