2021 In-Depth Project – Amin


My name is Amin Lotfi, and my in-depth project for this year was baking.


This is a link to my own website, where you will be able to find everything I have done this year. Make sure to click everything clickable, so you don’t miss anything!

Amin’s Baking Blog


Have fun, and I hope you enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “2021 In-Depth Project – Amin

  1. I’m terrible at baking but those sweets look so good I might just try my hand at the recipe. What was your favourite to experiment with when baking?

    • Thanks so much! I would say the most favourite thing to experiment while baking would be when changing up recipes to fit my taste!

  2. I loved the way you presented your progress through the website! What was your favourite baked good you made?

  3. Amin, I love your blog with the recipes. You’ve made a strawberry roll cake?! I bake a lot but I haven’t accomplished that yet. Looks delicious. Your family must have enjoyed you picking baking as your In-Depth project a lot 🙂 What was your/ their favourite baked goodie?

    • Thanks! Luckly, my family did enjoy my baking :). My favourite baked goodie would probably be the chocolate-banana muffins.

  4. Amin, your baked goods look delicious! I’ll have to try your signature strawberry-chocolate muffin recipe sometime!!

    • Thank you Grace! I wish the best of luck if you do end up making my signature strawberry-chocolate muffins!

  5. Hi Amin…. was there an issue uploading your project? I clicked on your link but only got to a page that said ABOUT with a statement telling me to enjoy the blog. Do I need to click somewhere else?

    • You need to press the ‘Home’ button on the top of the page to see the rest of the blog post. Hope this helps!

  6. Hello Amin Lofti. I enjoyed your presentation. Now, please summarize your entire in-depth project from start to end in 500 words. Be sure to explain in detail.

    (JK Amin your blog was really amazing! All of the recipes looks really good! I can tell you spent a lot of time working on them)

  7. Amazing roll cake…that is tough to do to keep the cream filling in and yet get a tight roll! You made a nice variety of goodies. How much flour did you go through?

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