In-Depth Post #6

Hi everyone!  Since my last post, I had my interview with Kimmie, and will post it below.  Besides the interview, I’ve continued to attend aerial conditioning and flexibility classes and have started to prepare for my final presentation!  The online classes I’ve been taking are a great help for me, as they allow me to exercise […]

In-Depth Post #5

From my last blog post, I’ve tried to maximize the continuation of my learning at home.  I have been continuing to stretch and exercise daily, and have signed myself up for some additional aerial conditioning and flexibility classes. Also, Kimmie and I have scheduled an upcoming online meeting where I can ask her questions about […]

TALONS DL#1: Eminent

Eminent  Here are links to my speech and bibliography. As the first major project of TALONS 9, we were tasked with researching a famous person considered eminent.  Once we had chosen our Eminent person, we then had to create a blog post summarizing their achievements and comparing their experiences to ours.  Then, we had to perform a 4-5 […]