Practice Interview Reflection

In my practice interview, I was interviewing Mark, and being assessed by Rian. She gave me four plus signs, which I agree with, because the interview went very smoothly and successfully. Since these interviews were very low-stakes, I didn’t find them stressful or nerve-racking at all; they were actually quite enjoyable. For the real interview, I hope to keep this calm energy, while also making sure it is professional and semi-formal. I think that I did a good job in the interview of asking thoughtful, interesting questions, and following up those questions to encourage my partner to elaborate and provide more information. That was put in the strengths section of my feedback sheet as well. Another strength put on my feedback sheet was my introduction, which I started off in a direct and polite way. One of the things I am a bit nervous about for my actual interview is making sure that the greeting and ending is not too awkward or uncomfortable as I want to make a good impression, so I am glad that that aspect was well done. On the other hand, something that I was told I could work on was to not say as many filler words such as like, um, or whatever. I completely agree with this, as I have noticed in the past that this has happened in other presentations. Not using filler words would be a good goal for me in public speaking this year, something that I want to improve on in time for both my interview and my Eminent speech. I can do this by making sure I have a good plan ahead of time, and that I have properly practiced. Another thing that my marker said was that I didn’t appear that interested in my interviewee’s answers. This bothered me a little bit because I definitely was interested in his responses, I guess I just didn’t show it properly, so I will make sure to do that in the actual interview. Overall, it went very well, and it was a great opportunity to receive feedback on my interviewing skills.