1. Hey Bridget,
    I loved your learning centre was very well done. I loved the photos you used and it was very detailed, allowing me to learn so much about Billie Jean King! Now for my question, what was your favourite thing to learn about Billy? Thanks


    1. Hey Natalie, thanks for your feedback! My favourite thing to learn about her throughout the project was the different obstacles that she faced and how she overcame them, for example when she lost all of her sponsors yet didn’t let that stop her from playing. I found it really inspiring!

  2. Hi Bridget,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your learning center. I particularly liked how neat and organized the site is, with separate tabs for each section. I also liked that you put enough text to get your point across, but not so much that it was bloated. My question is,, do you think King would still have tried so hard to make it big if she had not experienced discrimination?

    1. Hey Kaiwen! This is a really interesting question. Since she had an immediate love for tennis, I think that she definitely still would have went pro and pursued it as a career, but the discrimination she faced was a large part of her drive, and how she was able to overcome obstacles. I believe she still would have had motivation, just for different reasons that were maybe less important to her.

  3. Hi Bridget,

    I really enjoyed reading about Bille Jean King because of the way you formatted everything, it made it really easy to read. I also like how you showed how women fought to get equal pay.
    Why do you think it took so long for some Grand Slam Tournaments to make equal prize winning for men and women?

    1. Hi Matthias, I’m glad you enjoyed it. For a lot of instances, especially in sports, it takes a long time for anything to actually change. For so long, men getting more money was the accepted norm all over the world, so it took a lot of patience and effort for minds to change and people to realize that women deserved money too.

  4. Hi Bridget! I really like how organised your website is and your use of graphics. I liked how you had enough text to get the point across without filing your pages with words. What do you think Billie would have done if she lost the the famous “Battle of the Sexes” match to Bobby Riggs?


    1. Hey Rian, thanks for the feedback! The Battle of the Sexes match was a very important milestone for the world, including Billie. If she lost, I think she would have been very disappointed, but she would have still kept moving and not let it get her down. I believe that somehow she would have found another way to gain women credibility even if the match didn’t work out.

  5. Bridget, I was inspired by your account of Billie Jean King! So much so, that I further researched her on Wikipedia to understand more about her obstacles. You made a thoughtful, clear and articulate presentation on her life. Well done!

    1. Hi Nipa! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post and that it inspired you as much as it does myself!

  6. Hi Bridget,

    I think your learning centre was really well made and it was interesting to learn about the legacy of Billie Jean King. I liked how you had a section on her obstacles, which gave insight into King’s passion and hard-workingness. How do you think women’s sports can be promoted today, given that a lot of people don’t seem to find it as entertaining an men’s sports?


    1. Hey Colin! I think one of the main issues today is that pro women’s teams don’t get the opportunities to play as many games and tournaments, and the little games that they do play aren’t widely shown on television. I know that when they are shown, for example in the olympics, many people watch and appreciate them just as they do the men. So, if they were just shown more on popular channels, I think that credibility and pay could grow a lot.

  7. Hi Bridget,

    What a wonderful learning centre on Billie Jean King! Has Billie Jean weighed in on Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis player who reported that she was sexually assaulted by a high-level politician in the government? I read today that the WTA has cancelled some tournaments in China as a result of China not taking the allegations seriously enough and concerns about Peng’s safety.

    1. Hi Rishi! To my understanding, as the founder of the WTA, Billie Jean has fully supported and backed their decision to cancel the Chinese tournaments, defending the basic human rights of their players. She said, and I quote, “I applaud Steve Simon and the WTA leadership for taking a strong stand on defending human rights in China and around the world.”

    1. Thank you for the comment Ms. Chambers! For the longest time, women in areas like pro sports, STEM, and more were very underrepresented and even unheard of. Change happens in our world very, very, slowly, so mass changes in society like women becoming independent and having a large variety of jobs was dramatic and very different from the norm. Since this is all relatively new, people judge it much harsher than they would other things, and are quick to want to disagree and shut it down. Hopefully, with time, women having the same rights as men will become society norm and they will not the face the harsher standards and representation that they do now.

  8. Hi Bridget, I liked the way you showcased that Billie Jean was not only an amazing tennis player but an advocate for women’s equality. Do you think there’s anyone like her in the next generation of female athletes that will carry on her great work?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Some players that come to mind might be Serena and Venus Williams, Naomi Osaka, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles, and Misty Copeland. They speak out about racial and gender injustices, raise awareness about sexual assault, and advocate for mental health.

  9. Hey Bridget! Thank you for this learning centre! I didn’t know Billie Jean King well before, but what a cool lady she is! I am so glad you gave us this opportunity to get to know her. I was wondering if you could speak more on her advocacy prior to her being outed? Did she publicly support LGBTQ2+ folks? How did her being forced to come out change her?

    1. Hi Ms. Wasstrom, thanks for the comment! Since being outed was such a massive, detrimental thing to your career at that time, Billie was always scared to even at all talk about or advocate for LGBTQ2+ rights. She had told a few people that she was close to how she was attracted to women, but they all urged her to not come out, and it all contributed to her fear of people suspecting she was gay. When she was outed, she struggled immensely to come to terms with herself and her sexuality. She was forced to finally accept and be her true self, and with that she started to publicly advocate for LGBTQ2+ rights, so less people would have to go through what she did.

  10. Hi Bridget!
    I loved your learning centre. It was beautifully organized, easy to read, and very interesting. You were really able to draw the attention of the reader. Well done!
    I was wondering if you have any personal connections with Billie Jean King that caused you to choose her as your eminent person?

    1. Hi Kira, I’m glad you like my learning centre! I first came across Billie when I watched the movie “Battle of the Sexes” based on her, and it really interested me. I also play sports and am interested in social justice, so she seemed a really good fit for me.

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