English 9 MND Assignment: Character Analysis

Summary of Assignment and Learning Objectives

For my Midsummer Night’s Dream unit, we needed to create and present a character analysis on a chosen character. I collaborated with two classmates to efficiently complete the assignment. We communicated through online platforms including Word Online and other social media.

Listing of Digital Literacy Criteria Met

Communication and Collaboration

#1. I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers.

As a group, we decided to plan our project online because we were unable to meet in person often after school. We frequently used Word Online, to collaborate and communicate about our project. We also communicated using Instagram regarding availability to work together.

#4. I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of my peers.

After we had our written drafts, we decided to peer review each other’s copies through Word Online. We explored the “suggestion” feature where we could comment on other’s work without directly editing it.

Creativity, Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts

#8. I challenge myself to increase my technological literacy by working with apps, software, or mediums that I have not used in the past.

I took this opportunity to explore Word Online, as I haven’t been using this platform. I used Google Docs in Middle School for the majority of my projects. Now that I’m in high school, I can take a more profession approach by using Word Online.