Science 9 Assignment 4: Reaction Rates

Summary of Assignment and Learning Objectives

For TALONS Science 9, I prepared a five page written report on 5 factors that affect reaction rates in Chemistry. I consulted a number of different sources online using both Google as well as Destiny Discover. To further illustrate my understanding, I sourced images online to include in an appendix. Through this assignment, I learned what conditions are required in Chemistry for a reaction to occur, as well as what factors are involved.

Listing of Digital Literacy Criteria Met

Research and Information Literacy

#11. I go beyond Google and use databases to find scholarly research sources.

In addition to Google, I consulted Destiny Discover to find scholarly research sources for my paper. One of the recommended sources for the database search “Chemistry Reactions” was BBC Bite size Chemistry. I gained an understanding from the site of how molecules react under different factors.

Digital Citizenship

#14. I ethically use content that is not created by me by using Creative-Commons licensed audio, video, or images and by properly citing these resources within my work.

I wanted to use images to properly show my understanding of the five factors and their influence on reaction rates. I ethically chose images from reliable sources and properly cited each image within my report.


Appendix A – Surface Area

Appendix B – Temperature

Appendix C – Concentration or Pressure

Appendix D – Nature of Reactants

Appendix E – Catalyst

Main Reaction Rates Assignment