Blog post #5

The latest meeting, I had with my mentor was on a hiking trip. We had scheduled a trip to walk around Bunsen Lake because the location was convenient for both of us. This was my metros idea to practice sketching and getting the base layers down for colors. This was an enjoyable way to expose me to a new environment for painting.  Having a different opportunity proposed such as this is helping me understand and learn new painting techniques. I would like to try completing a whole painting while on a hike. This would be a good chance to reference images and objects in person, giving me time to observe textures.


Having a mentor that has so much experience is helpful, as well as someone who self-taught most of their knowledge has really been helpful. He understands how to explain the skill in an understandable fashion. He has also been able to advise me on different YouTube channels that could help me with new skills. I’m currently learning about different brushes and can’t wait for my next meeting.


unforunutly i wasnt able to add photos becuse of teach issues.

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