Final In-depth Post

Final In-depth Post


Welcome to my final in-depth post!

My chosen in-depth topic is piano with a touch of music production. My presentation will guide you through my last 16 weeks of learning, practicing and performing. Now sit back, relax, and watch the video down below 🙂

I recommend changing the youtube setting to the highest quality by going to settings (bottom right of the video) -> quality -> 1080p HD for the best experience.


Re-uploaded due to issues with the audio:


To reflect, some skills that I learned from this in-depth journey are concentration, time management skills and perseverance. When playing the piano, I had to focus on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration and many other things. Even though playing the piano can feel like a lot of work and effort at times. Overall, I think it relieved a lot of stress and become a relaxing experience with the soothing touch of music. I also felt a sense of accomplishment when I finish a challenging piece.

Although it feels like I wrote the first in-depth post yesterday, I think I learned so much more since then and created a positive mentor to mentee bond with my amazing mentor Tiffany! With the fundamental knowledge that I obtained from my mentor and the project, I hope to continue to cultivate my piano skills even after this in-depth project.

Thank you so much for being a part of my in-depth journey and feel free to comment with any feedback and questions!

17 thoughts on “Final In-depth Post

  1. Your mentor did an awesome job teaching you how to play the piano. Thanks, Tiffany! What was the hardest skills to learn and why?

    1. Yes, I totally agree! Thank you Tiffany 🙂
      One of the hardest skills for me to learn was to keep both my right and left hand synchronized while playing different notes. I also found crossing over hard to do in the beginning as I kept on pressing other notes on the keyboard. But with enough practice, comes success!

  2. Great music! Will you be continuing to practice and play the piano? Or are you planning to try out something new in the future?

  3. Hi Grace, really cool in-depth. It was really cool to see your progress over the weeks!!!

  4. Learning two hands on the piano is extremely challenging, so major respect there! Your progress is amazing! What a cool project, Grace!

  5. Grace, your progress is amazing, and your playing is so relaxing! What are you planning to do next with the piano? Any specific songs you want to learn to play?

  6. Grace, you do not know how good this is! As someone who is you know, moderately good at piano, this amount of skill in this amount of time is insane! So good.

  7. Remarkable, Grace!! I loved listening to the soothing music, and seeing the evident progression throughout the video. I hope you continue pursuing your talent with piano in the future!

  8. Wow Grace! That’s a serious transformation in a short amount of time! Really nice work! You must have put a ton of hours in. It sounded lovely!

  9. Wow, incredible job Grace! Your progress really shows how much work you put into this project. It was a pleasure to watch this video!

  10. Well done, Grace…this is impressive progress..thanks for laying it out so clearly!

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