Final In-depth Post

Grace Lee’s In-depth Hello! This is Grace Lee and for the last few months, I have been learning about Traditional Korean dances, focusing on Korean Fan-dancing. I chose this topic to experience new types of dance and to explore my own culture. One of the major goals I had before starting my in-depth was to […]

In-depth Post #6

Since “In-depth Post #5”, there hasn’t been a lot of progress being made as we aren’t meeting physically face to face. I have been working with my mentor by calling on FaceTalk, a feature on a messenger app called “KakaoTalk”. She has been sending me some videos and exercises to practice with. She was having […]

In-depth Post #5

What kinds of learning opportunities does the mentor provide to expose you to new learning? My mentor provides me with videos of her dancing to the choreography for me to learn from home. It was hard to learn from just watching a video. The video didn’t have the same perspective as me as if I […]

In-depth Blog Post #4

In-depth Questions  1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far? Why? The most difficult mentoring challenge so far is the uncontrollable COVID-19 outbreak causing me and my mentor to cancel meetings. My project requires face to face interactions and a large meeting space. The place my mentor and I usually meet was […]

In-depth Blog Post #3

My in-depth project has been going along very smoothly after the little struggle in the beginning. My friend, Renee, gladly offered a place to meet and practice in. The location was also near my mentor’s place making it easier for my mentor as well. So far, I have learned the basic steps and the breathing […]

In-depth Blog Post #2

For my In-depth project, I am learning traditional Korean dance and to improve my confidence. I have now bought all the equipment I need, such as a fan, head accessories, and shoes for Korean traditional dance. Unlike ballet shoes, the shoes used for Korean traditional dance have a pointy front. You can see it pointing […]

In-depth Blog Post #1

In-depth Blog Post #1 Grace Lee My topic of passion for the In-depth project is traditional Korean dance. Traditional Korean dance is a unique dance that disappeared overtime or was handed down. It is now largely divided into court dance, folk dance, mask dance, and ritual dance performed at religious ceremonies. Traditional Korean dance is […]