In-depth Blog Post #2

For my In-depth project, I am learning traditional Korean dance and to improve my confidence. I have now bought all the equipment I need, such as a fan, head accessories, and shoes for Korean traditional dance. Unlike ballet shoes, the shoes used for Korean traditional dance have a pointy front. You can see it pointing out under the dress as you walk swiftly. I focused on watching some videos and doing research while preparing to meet my mentor.

My mentor, Miho, majored in Korean traditional dance, and she is an acquaintance of my mother. I am glad to have found someone suitable for my mentor, especially with my In-depth topic. I have never explored learning Korean traditional dances although I am familiar with modern Korean dances. I think my mentor will help me understand the art of traditional Korean dancing and help me gain confidence.

Some struggles I faced while doing my In-depth project is that the criminal record checks have been slightly delayed from what was expected. Because of this, I need to plan a meeting with my mentor as soon as possible! I need to find an area for my mentor and me to practice with some mirrors and some space. I have some possible places that I can consider. Hopefully, by the next blog post, I will have a good location with consistent meeting times set. I am currently slightly behind, but I am sure that I can catch up. See you again in a month!