In-depth Post #6

Since “In-depth Post #5”, there hasn’t been a lot of progress being made as we aren’t meeting physically face to face. I have been working with my mentor by calling on FaceTalk, a feature on a messenger app called “KakaoTalk”. She has been sending me some videos and exercises to practice with. She was having some struggles adapting to the change made because of COVID-19. However, she is still doing a great job of providing me with a great learning environment. She is making some last-minute changes to the choreography as we don’t have enough time to cover some challenging moves such as turning twice with the fan. We decided to replace turning twice with turning once while turning the fan. There is one move that I really want to do for the in-depth night and I have been practicing it. (Refer to the video below) 

I am going to be presenting my in-depth with a video. It is somewhat disappointing that I cannot perform my in-depth in real life in front of an audience as one of my purpose for my in-depth was to improve my self-confidence. To replace doing a performance I will try to film a video to look like a real performance. I was also supposed to have my mentor join me for the performance near the end. Hopefully, I can get her to film her video and edit it together. I will also share my in-depth post #1, and in-depth post #5 to share with the guest as it shows a drastic improvement from not having a mentor to having a performance prepared. Stay tuned for in-depth night!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your progress video. I look forward to seeing your final presentation.

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