In-depth Blog Post #1

In-depth Blog Post #1

Grace Lee

My topic of passion for the In-depth project is traditional Korean dance. Traditional Korean dance is a unique dance that disappeared overtime or was handed down. It is now largely divided into court dance, folk dance, mask dance, and ritual dance performed at religious ceremonies. Traditional Korean dance is recognized for its light steps and precise movements. One of the most popular traditional dances includes fan dance; many people use their fans to create beautiful shapes such as flowers.

I am so familiar with modern Korean dancing as it is becoming more popular now. However, I wanted to explore a new topic with no knowledge at all. Traditional Korean dances originated long before K-pop has existed, and I thought it would be a fun opportunity to explore the history of Korean dance since I have a lot of interest in the modern Korean dance now. I have always seen traditional Korean dances on Korean television or at Korean schools but, never had time to learn about them. I also want to connect with the Korean culture and eventually share them with others.

My mentor for this In-depth project will be Miho, who majored in traditional Korean dance in Korea. She is an acquaintance of my mom’s friend. It was quite hard to find a mentor but luckily she agreed to teach me the art of traditional Korean dance. She informed me of the materials I will need in order to learn traditional dance, such as a fan for fan dancing.

Moreover, my mentor and I will be meeting every one to two weeks. We are still deciding where the meeting place will be. We will need a large open space with a mirror. So far, the options are a nearby community center or a dance training room. My mentor will provide me with homework after every meeting for me to develop and improve.

In the end, I will have more knowledge of traditional Korean dances and learn more about the Korean culture. I also hope to form a closer bond with my mentor. I will also have more confidence by the end of this In-depth project. I think this will be a great chance for me to explore my passion and desire. I will dive in-depth in the ocean of traditional Korean dance!