Purpose: To expand Personal Awareness by reflecting on Q1 and setting goals for Q2

Why are we talking about Core Competencies? To help get better at “life.”

COVID-19 has made life difficult and stressful for most families. At school, our extracurricular activities have been cancelled; we can’t spend time with our friends the way we used to; our classes are long and fast-paced. Grit and resilience help us cope and adapt to these changes.

Gritcontinuing to persevere or work through a goal even when we struggle

Resilienceour ability to bounce back after we struggle or fail

No matter where you are right now, Dr. Duckworth would say we can all become more “gritty” and resilient with practice. We need to focus on the goals we really want to achieve and keep working hard even when challenges come up. We also need to check in and reflect on our progress from time to time.

I have reflected on my own progress throughout the first quarter while thinking ahead to set goals for the rest of the year. Click here to read some of those ideas.