My Eminent Project – DL Semester 1 Reflection

My 2019 Eminent project consisted of a 4 – 5 minute speech on an eminent person of my choice, and a learning centre about that person to present on Night of the Notables. We worked on this project for around 2 months and everyone in the TALONS program had to choose a different eminent person. When we started the project, I used my independent work habits to complete research, planning, and constructing all on my own. I was able to bring my creative input and descriptive writing skills into my speech and learning centre. I also used organization skills to set deadlines for myself and plan out my speech structure and learning centre layout. However, some challenges I faced were memorizing my speech and confidently delivering it in front of my peers. I spent a lot of time practicing to ensure that I was prepared for the speech day. Finding good resources and certain information on my eminent person was also difficult at times, but I used what I could find and included the most important points. In the end, I am very proud of my eminent project and all the elements came together perfectly.

Eminent Speech.docx

Marilyn Monroe – Eminent Blog Post

“I only know I want to be wonderful.”

What draws me to Marilyn Monroe is her perseverance and progressive attitude. Right away, I made a connection with her passion for acting and singing. Not a lot of celebrities leave more of an impact than their entertainment and performance, however, but Marilyn Monroe accomplished so much more in her short life. She stood up for female and racial rights, took risks and made statements in self-expression, and spoke out about sensitive topics that changed society’s views. Marilyn and I both have a passion for acting and singing. I admire her for her successful career in Hollywood, and I look up to her for inspiration in that area. We both share qualities of determination and open-mindedness. If I have a goal set in mind that I am passionate about, I become extremely driven to complete it, and Marilyn’s determined qualities are what led her to create such a change in the film industry, fashion, and societal norms. This, as well as her open mindset towards sexuality, race, feminism, and natural beauty.

My own goals in TALONS include becoming independent and growing internally, expressing myself confidently, acting selflessly and helping others, and leaving a positive impact by the end. Marilyn demonstrates these qualities perfectly and I look up to her as inspiration for completing my own goals. 

Marilyn Monroe has a traumatic childhood, and later became one of the biggest stars of all time. I would not be able to relate to either of those things, but I will address these in my speech by describing the existing records of what her past was like, and how she describes it herself. She was very self-expressive and known for showing off her personal style which has been copied and inspired many times over the years. She brought awareness to embracing your true body and showing it off. This would eventually lead to the movement of adding plus-sizes to women’s clothes. Additionally, Monroe is remembered for a multitude of things, from her iconic impression in the Hollywood industry to her outwards opinions and actions towards social justice. In a time when racism was at large, she stood up to unfair treatment towards black women and changed lives with her high status and fame. She also stood up for feminism in the film industry, when constantly being pushed to play insensitive roles, she refused and started her own production company. Marilyn’s legacy lives on whenever a woman produces, directs, or influences a film.
At first, Marilyn was very shy and struggled with her mental issues and traumatic past.  She was not close to her family and was abused and neglected as a child. However, she decided to take the risk and begin her modelling and acting career after being taken under the wing by her agent. She still struggled with her internal problems every day, but she put herself out and faced her fears, and with time grew stronger and more successful. 

For my next steps in research, I want to learn more about Marilyn Monroe’s struggles in her past life, conflicts she went through during her Hollywood career.