Eminent Person Blog Posts Reflection

Looking at my peers’ blog posts was very enlightening on many less prevalent figures that subtly changed the course of history. Many of the eminent people’s stories showed me lessons that I would not have found in any other person. However different these people were, they all had something in common; leadership, perseverance, and courage. I noticed that these traits are the exact same traits TALONS tries to teach, and traits that I will need to succeed in life. Since my brief journey into the lives of these influential figures, I have decided to try my best to learn and exhibit these important attributes. I also noticed that the posts where the author emphasized their personal connections with their chosen person was more interesting to read, and the outpour of admiration was almost alluring. Since then, I have realized that your connections to your eminent person is a much more important piece to this project than I previously thought. In the future, I will place personal connections with my chosen person higher on my list of priorities. Also, the feedback I received was very useful, and my peers worded their comments in a way that not only informed my on potential improvements, but also did not discourage me. For example, I learned that it is more enjoyable for readers to read a couple broken-up paragraphs instead of one large clump of text. In summary, this was an effective way to prepare students for the next steps in this project because it allows students to see their peers’ work, receive feedback in a friendly environment, and even make some connections with their fellow students.

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