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  1. Hey Joshua, I enjoyed watching your learning centre. It was fun to go through the Prezi. It seemed like you knew a lot because of the amount of detail! One question I would like to ask is what do you think Obama will do if he won the lottery? Good job:)

    • Thank you Joanne! If Barack Obama won the lottery, I think he would donate a sizeable portion of it to charity, and then save the rest for his family and himself.

  2. Hey, Joshua, your learning centre was very well done. It was very in-depth and you provided an extensive amount of detail that shows how much you care about and understand Obama. It is also cool how it allows participants to interact with it and control the pace.
    My question is, what would be one aspect you would add to Obama’s campaign if he were to run for president again?

    • Thanks Jordan! If Obama were to become president again, I think he should attempt to reform education in America, as that can help dispel discriminatory ways of thinking.

  3. Hi Joshua, great presentation. Obama had a lot of challenges during his presidency. If he was the current president, how do you think he would be handling the pandemic? Do you think there are things he would do differently?

    • Thank you Ms. Lee! Actually, the Obama administration created a “playbook” for handling pandemics, which included information for not just their own purposes, but for every administration ahead of them. I think Obama would make sure their hospitals have enough equipment to treat an increased amount of patients, and also begin informing the public of the urgency of the situation once they are aware of the situation.

  4. Great presentation! It was very fun to click my way through your presentation to learn about Obama. My question is: What field would Obama have likely pursued if not being a politician? Excellent learning center.
    – Kavyan

    • Thank you for visiting my learning center Kavyan! I think the field Obama would have chosen would be related to law, because he was a professor of law at the University of Chicago from 1992 – 2004.

  5. Hi Josh,

    I loved your learning centre on Obama. It was clear, concise, and you went deep into the impact Obama made with his policies, both good and bad. Your use of Prezi also made the presentation satisfying to go through. There was a clear structure and one could see with a glance the main points of your learning centre. My question is: With climate change as one of the largest issues in society today (the effects can already be seen with the recent flooding), how could Obama have contributed more to reversing it?

    • Hey Edward, thank you for the compliments! I think that the reason Obama’s climate change policies were so lackluster was because he didn’t make it as much of a priority as healthcare and other issues during the earlier parts of his presidency. Once the Republicans seized enough power to shut down any action that required a majority vote, Obama couldn’t do anything drastic and had to resort to executive decisions. I think Obama could have done better with climate change by prioritizing it more, but that might have rendered his administration unable to make a different reform, such as the Affordable Care Act, in time.

    • Hello Ms. Chambers. I do not believe that Obama’s actions directly led to Trump’s presidency. I think that the fact that the Republican voters were becoming more radicalized, as the internet and social media allowed misinformation and hateful opinions to be spread more easily, empowered people such as Trump so that they could get into positions of power.

  6. Hey Joshua, I’ve never seen a prezi presentation before and this was super cool. The way you were able to go so in-depth with your information was really interesting. I enjoyed how you structured the prezi. One question I have is: how did you get into poiticts? Was it from a young age? Other?

    • Thanks Emilie. Obama got into politics because his mother’s beliefs of responsibility and helping those who need it were implanted in him from a very young age. During his education, he always thought about the issues with America, and eventually became a community organizer to help less-fortunate communities in Chicago. After seeing the disparities of daily life between the poor and the wealthy, he decided to become a politician, and be the change he wanted to see.

  7. Hey Josh! Great prezi! I was interested to see all of your research come together. I was wondering what you think Obama would say is the biggest challenge/threat to the Western world at the moment? Any ideas?

    • Thank you so much Ms. Wasstrom! Obama would probably say that the pandemic is a large threat to the Western world, but more dangerous that that, would be the extremism that is plaguing the U.S right now. Such staunch, zealous beliefs can cause discrimination and even violence, as we have seen during Trump’s presidency and during the events on January 6. Also, some peoples’ refusal to get vaccinated or take precautions for Covid only worsens the pandemic’s toll on humanity.

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