Eminent Person Commenting Reflection

Looking at my peers’ blogs was a very insightful and enjoyable process. I gained much knowledge about eminent individuals from various fields of study, I received advice that will help make my future blogs more engaging, and I advised my peers on ways to improve their blogs. While reading others’ blogs, I learned about incredible sportsmen and women like Usain Bolt and Naomi Osaka and famous musicians and singers, including Doja Cat and Mike Shinoda. However, the post that interested me the most was Ah-Ra’s post about Dana Terrace, a prominent animator. Dana is a well-known openly LGBTQ+ individual, and she is spreading the message that everyone should be accepted for who they are. Even though she has received considerable backlash, Dana is promoting her message through her animation, and I find this very inspiring.

Along with reading my peers’ blogs, I also commented on them and received comments on my post. By commenting on others’ posts not only did it help them improve their future posts, but it will also help me improve my blog. Looking at my peer’s blogs with a critical eye allowed me to discover aspects of their posts that I could use to improve mine. Furthermore, considering and acting upon the feedback I received on my post will drastically improve my future ones. Overall, I had a great time reading my peers’ blogs, and this experience and the comments I received on my post will aid in improving my writing as a whole.

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